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It’s only fair (and naturally expected) that a site based on a soap character will also have a page on the actor who plays him/her, so this page is all about the one and only James Sutton who plays the cuddly and likeable John Paul McQueen.


All the information below is taken from various sources such as Wikipedia and magazine articles, which can hardly be called "fact". i.e. Wiki once described, in great detail, how Lorraine Kelly died while straining on the toilet and now presents a “Beyond the Grave” segment on GMTV. We have also grabbed information from the official Hollyoaks website. Therefore we cannot say what we write below about James is 100% absolutely true, but as there is only one James Sutton, and we aint him this is the best you’re going to get chum.


James Sutton in a hood


James, or "Jim", Sutton was originally born “James Cook” but in the acting world its not recommended that actors share names, and always a good idea to have a name that slides off the tongue or a “stage name”, so James Sutton it became based on his place of birth Sutton Coldfield, which is a largish town in the city of Birmingham. Currently his mother, father, brother and sister live in Stafford.



He was born 31st of January 1983 which makes him an Aquarius. For the Mathematically impaired this makes him 25, a huge 7 years older than his character of John Paul.


He loves tea! But loves Hob nobs Dark Chocolate Hobnobs more because “when you dunk one in your cup of tea, half the drink is suddenly gone. They act like giant sponges”, the chocolatey goodness also helps make it his number one. With the chocolate theme we have to mention the "button" joke, mentioned fairly often, and in reference to James' like of Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Buttons.


He wears Hugo Boss in Motion (orange edition) (this info is years old now... is it even valid?) and something called "OMG he was so lickable" which various fans have sworn they could smell when they get within stalking distance at various award events. He has a generous say in how JP gets to dress. But James is keen to point out JP is a bit more low brow than his normal outside of work tastes, such as Diesel and D&G, (Not to be confused with D&A because James has 20/20 vision!). Best feature? Everyone rates his skin, and he even describes it as "naturally clear" (*Growls*).


Like everyone else here at JPMQ James also enjoys Heroes. James loves sport especially football and music. His skills in football and going to drama school in Cardiff led him to play a popular character on Dream Team in 2006; Terry Glover, but not before his brief yet spine chilling stint as a GKR (Granny Killing Rapist) in Trial and Retribution: Sins of the Father. During July 2006, his agent set up an audition for John Paul McQueen, which he was given the part. Both his agent and James knew the Hollyoaks role would be a future gay character, and James couldn't wait to get his hands dirty playing a role which he knew would be something a bit different. A few months of filming and in September 2006 John Paul, Along with the bulk of the McQueen’s, came crashing into Chester and onto our screens.


Clare and James Go FlyingHe lives in a Liverpool flat with co Star Claire Cooper, who just happens to play his on screen sister Jacqui McQueen. Plays guitar, and is inspired by Sting, Pink Floyd and indie style music. His life ambition is to act, and described it as "the best job in the world, everyday is like a school day. You learn so much every day and have so much fun, and if I could just do that until I'm old and, senile. That would be great".


James was nominated for 'Sexiest Male', 'Best Actor' and 'Best Newcomer' for The British Soap Awards 2007, it's supposedly a public vote, but as in subsequent years the winners don’t seem to truly merit the award that year. It would seem to suggest the votes aren’t a true reflection of public opinion. Or you could read this paragraph, rub your finger across our necks, taste that digit and call us bitter, James didn’t win anything official in 2007 except our hearts and fan stalker love. He did get some well deserved praise mind, for his role of John Paul from the gods at Stonewall. James Sutton Holds up his SHINY DS award for most popular actor


Award wise, in 2008 so far, James has won two awards from DS; Most Popular Actor, and Storyline of the Year.


During the H.O.N.A.R episode which aired right after the final McDean episode of 2008 James guests Stars as "Snow White" he reads from a book containing real slashy fan fiction, Steve says John Paul is apparently the 21st most popular gay character (in the world?).



James told fans on the JSF forums that early in December he got a french bulldog called Willis (supposedly named after the famous actor "Bruce Willis"). He also stared in Causality playing a narcoleptic called Eli, his first role after John Paul, the portrayal and acting of James' character was largely positive. He also revealed that in the week starting the 8th of December he filmed an "educational" piece for a forthcoming BBC show airing sometime in the first or second quarter of 2009. Finally noting he had been fortunate to have had several auditions for various parts, so hopefully will be back in front of an audience during 2009.


James got a part! Playing a character called Ryan in Emmerdale, he will play the son of newcomer Faye Lamb due to hit our TV screens in a few months time!




James Sutton Bio

Why James Sutton Is Awesome

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