James Sutton Is Awesome, But why is that?



So Mr James Sutton is an actor. He’s had several quite diverse roles before Hollyoaks, which can’t really be compared to his role of John Paul McQueen, one was a thug who set fire to sweet old grannies and the other was about a football captain from the 1980s, (we will let you have the football comparison with JP if you must have linkage!).


On the whole every role has been quiet different thus it’s amazingly easy to judge and evaluate him as a performer, does he play himself? Is he wooden? Personally doubt anyone could resist the sweet gooey eyes JP gives when he is loved up, and would wager it’s not just me who feels a tad scared when we see Barry in action. James Sutton can act, and he does it well. Watching him in charactor makes it pretty much impossible to gage what James must be like in real life (what we know about him as a person has come from magazines and interviews), the inability to pin point “James” in his characters is yet again another tribute to his acting skills.


Some actors care too much about how the public perceive them and not enough about the job in hand, countless articles can be found in relation to actors turning down gay parts or actors leaving gay roles to work in other areas of acting with the blanket reasoning of “wanting to try something new” which actually turns out to be working in pubs collecting glasses and serving drunks when the money runs out and producers wont touch you for your obvious lack of commitment to characters.


At time of writing it would seem James (and possibly Guy Burnet, Tom Vaughan, and Jake Hendriks) lets not forget the other actors who are playing gay parts which shape the Hollyoaks storylines) is having the time of his life, playing a part that is shooting him to fame and recognition as an actor perfectly capable of tapping into his vast potential and adding some unique charm to his character which we haven't see elsewhere. Despite playing a gay character that, as you would expect, generates a lot more attention, both positive and negative, than others, he seems more than happy to return to work everyday and do what he loves; act.


Lets face it John Paul will always attract more attention than other character in Hollyoaks because he is gay, people at home tune in to watch him, watch his coming out and sexual relationships take shape. Unintentionally he has become a role model, a huge crusading wave of positive support that hugs those who need it the most, perhaps some of the most vulnerable people in society who are alone, feeling like they don’t belong, shut out and excluded from, what those with the influence class as, the “norm”. That uncomplicated positive message coming from John Paul’s character, who is now plainly existing as a gay man, saying “you aren’t alone, being gay is OK, you are part of that norm”, reaching millions, like those who feel completely lost and even those who might accept who they are but at times need that boost after dealing with the fallout of a society which still harbors irrational hate, old attitudes and cruel prejudices.


James Sutton plays that role with refinement and beauty; he is a credit to the gay community for creating the John Paul McQueen we see on our screens, but also to his family and friends, someone who is able to take on a controversial role and stick with it and is able to come out of it happy faced and smiling is undeniably a man who anyone would be proud to know.


James is a remarkable actor, he is truly able to separate himself from all his James Sutton and Bryan Kirkwood collect the prestigious Digital Spy Award for best storylinepast characters including his present, and he is able to act with a level of distinction and fortitude seen in so few so young. I wouldn’t like to speculate, but I’d guess playing a role that isn’t all that common must advance James as both actor and person. He has no basis to drawn on in order to relate to John Paul (James has a girlfriend which should say it all) and yet again he pulls it all off with impeccable accuracy and in a fashion that is not only relatable but also educational, you feel for John Paul, you can't not. And that is why James Sutton is awesome. There is plenty more we could say about him, but why waste your time writing about it, you only have to turn on the TV to see exactly what we're talking about.


James Sutton we love you! Which is why this site is dedicated to you, along with every single person who works for channel 4 and Hollyoaks/Lime Picture Productions who has made John Paul McQueen a reality. We wouldn’t be here without you. - Knuxs, Steads, ?????x5, Bowlock



If you have comments about James you'd like us to put on this page then contact us through our form which can be found on this page, and we will add it up!


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