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As mentioned in several places we use money donated to the site (see Money Page) in order to keep it running, cover costs, buy prizes for any comps where we cant wrangle a donation etc We do not keep it for ourselves! It's a fan site, devoted fans don't get paid for their obsession!


Any money which is "spare" will be donated to Mind, The Mental Health Charity



We've linked to that page specifically, for several reasons;


One: it provides help for gay people who might be suffering, being gay is not a mental illness, and no one should be thinking like that. Mind helps address that issue.


Two: several of us have done Psych courses at University and the topics raised on that page are at the forefront of issues relating to sexuality, accurate understanding of anti gay and homophobic attitudes must be understood before they can be stopped. For example It's pointless to enter endless debates about the Bible, those who wield it as a weapon do so because they believe, based on faith. Faith by it's very nature can't be questioned in the same way as science or fact. You go around and around and only find out the truth at the moment of your death, a wasted life if everything about living is dependent on it's ending.


Three: the Charity isn't totally focused on issues of sexuality, mental health on the whole is addressed.


Four: Mind does not fund animal testing of any kind.



Registered Charity No. 219830

Registered No. 424348 England


The Mind Home Page





Amounts donated to JPMQ and through using our referral links etc



* x9 Donators through PayPal who wish to remain "unknown"(or who haven't got in contact to let us no)


* x77 shoppers through Amazon



We don't have the exact calculations as to how much we donate to “Mind” against how much we put towards the hosting costs of the site, because we do it on a semi regular rather than annual basis so essentially are “guestimating” based on a few months worth of donations and money earnt through Amazon sales. Below however are the donations we have made to the Mind Charity so far and what's been put towards our hosting costs.



April 2009 = £32.00 (This was a combination of a pure pound sterling donation and a donation of items which we gave to a local shop to sell on, the items came from the competition section of this site. It bombed so the prizes weren't won by anyone. *Doh*)



April 2008 = £50.00




Total amount raised since the site opened = £82.00

Mind - 39%

JPMQ - 61%



NOTE: please don't say mean things about us *sad face*, hand on heart we DO NOT make profit from the site. We really do DO it for free (and by the looks of it this year at cost to us!!)... yes we are obsessed and addicted, and that dedication is what keeps us going.







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