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There are 6 board write up's below. If you want your message board to join them get in contact, we hardly ever bite or say no = Free good quality traffic for your site, cant beat that!


JPMQ does not have its own message board or forum. The only place you can actively contribute content are the blogs, via Emails and messages in the shoutbox directed toward us. You can also talk to us privately with our easy to use form.


Message boards are a good way to communicate with other fans who share an interest in the storyline. It’s worth taking the time to read the information below; it gives a description and history about each message board which will in turn hopefully allow you to chose one which best suits your needs. There is nothing of course, stopping you joining more than one!


“Forum” and “message board” are essentially the same thing and throughout this site the terms are used interchangeably. (To be exact, a Message board is made up of several forums/titles/sections, which in turn are made up of several topics or threads).




The reviews


The James Sutton Forums

James Sutton Fans Forums

Digital Spy

Channel 4 Forums

McDean Fans Forums


No longer active

(Hollyoaks Forum)



James Sutton Forums



James Sutton Forums


This forum belongs to it's big sister site, shockingly it's actually the only site in this JPMQ forum review page James Sutton Forums Screenshotwhich actually has both a fully functional James Sutton website and forums linked to it. The site is owned and maintained by Kaz and the forums operated by admin and a good stock of moderators. The site opened on the 2nd of February 2007, and has undergone several facelifts in that time each change improving on the last.



* (Maybe?) The boards seem pretty full of... females. Nothing wrong with girls of course! But if you're after serious male gay chat you might be in the wrong place, if you just want a lusting after James Sutton and a good laugh then pull up a chair and soak up the lust.


* The site isn't as organised as some of the others reviewed, if your looking to simply dip in from time to time i.e. to pull pictures then you are 1) going to be wasting time finding what you want and 2) missing the point of the forums, its highly community based. (The site with a slight redesign is much better for finding your way around! Hurrah and an extra point!)




* The only site Random Shot of a threadwhich is really geared towards James Sutton as a primary focus, it's a probable safe bet when JS leaves Hollyoaks this forum will cope with the loss the best.


* Community feel. After posting at 9pm by 10pm, I had been welcomed by no less than 6 people, most in a newbie thread and even some by PM. New members are loved and the transition from newbie to regular is a painless mutation.


* Registering is quick and easy, no faffing around with endless email checks Good use of PHB coding and more than enough emotions and abilities for varied signatures and unique avatars.


* Excellent rest bites with the off topic sections, everything neatly organised rather than lumped in “off topic” section.




The con's seem petty because its difficult to actually fault the boards, a good forum, is one which immediately makes you feel welcome and quickly adapts to suit your individuality, best way to do that is changing how your posts are displayed, i.e. with signatures which this forum loves to have. Nothing worse than a board which encourages individuality but wont allow it to be expressed visually. By far the best feature is its members, welcoming and helpful, you will settle in fast and make friends even quicker. It's the 2nd busiest forum after Digital Spy to give you an idea of what to expect.


Who is it for?

Message board Junkies who love the community feel and post on a regular basis.






James Sutton Fans Forums



James Sutton Fan's Forum


This forum/website, is essentially an information hub of James Sutton related goodness. It's simple slick and to the point. James Sutton Fan's Screen ShotHub's are not unusual for this type of site as it allows information to be freely shared and updated by and between everyone rather than waiting for an admin to update a website. Unfortunately, Search engines have problems crawling forums due to the way they tend to be based on a table controlled layout, this problem also creates difficulty for any disabled users needing to use things such as screen readers to gain access to the sites content, something which a good website alongside a forum could fix.




* (Maybe?) This is the only site which doesn't tend to change, although its consistent. The site look and layout is almost identical to the day it was launched.


* Poor use of the boards capabilities, in this case lack of individuality between posters i.e. No signatures and limited choice of avatars.


* Screencaps of episodes literally focus purely on James Sutton, difficult to follow the narrative when only watching one persons expression.




* It's been compared to a Random Shot of a threadsmaller but more efficient mini DS, varied discussion, and a slower pace of thread movement, excels in attracting the “Lurker” or occasional poster.


* A routine which works well, screencaps in one thread, then an episode discussion in another and then the YOUTUBE uploads actually embedded into the thread. Everything literally is in one place, and easy to find.


* James Sutton is a member... and he posts and lurks reading all *Lurker Smirk*.




The site is hub based, and hubs always do well in giving needed information to surfers. Unfortunately it slows post rates and at times can have seriously “dead days”, there isn't a huge option for general chatter, which is a shame because everyone loves a good natter, and some surfers will be denied useful information due to it being displayed within a table formatted forum. We think when James Sutton leaves Hollyoaks this site will suffer the most (after us of course, because without John Paul we are nothing! *Gulps*). Overall the site is very simple but also very pretty, it's actually hard to be critical of the site in any great detail, it does what it says on the tin!



Who is it for?

James Sutton fans, who like to dip there feet from time to time in conversations, and hard core fans who don't have time to look for information from different locations.






DS (Digital Spy)



Digital Spy


(Knuxs posts on DS as "Knuxs7" you can contact him via PM if you are a member over there, he is quite fond of the place so we wont let him write anything about DS below!)



Is the daddy of sites recommended here, to say its massive would be an understatement, its even got a place in the “100 biggest message boards in the world”. DS ScreenShot The DS Forums are linked with its active media site “Digital Spy”, often covering media related events, from celebrities to television channels/networks.


We are not recommending the entire site (although its pretty good and well worth a look, TubeTalk Rules!... Well it did until the new blog layout which is just messy), instead one particular thread that is filled with JP news and discussion. That too reflects DS in terms of its size. The thread is huge, often generating pages and pages of posts in 24 hours (25 posts per page).

That thread has been a huge part in the decision to create a static website where all the JP related information and media can be located in one easy place. It’s to easy for something in DS to be lost in the past pages after only a few days because of the sheer level of posting and no way to sort the pages.



At the start of 2008 the bickering and different views fragmented the large group into three distinct threads, this stopped the regular in house fights but created a bitter atmosphere generally, if you ship for a certain relationship this site might be for you, if you love "groupie attitudes", this site IS for you.





* The thread is a thriving city. Unless you have regular Internet access, and we are talking at least twice a day, you will find yourself having to read pages and pages of posts in order to “catch up”.

* There are no individual ways to express yourself other than with you’re username, no signatures or avatars, limited Bbcode, no posting pictures with [IMG] tags for example.


* Discussions don’t often follow logical meaning; off topic talk is a regular feature, and quickly becomes frustrating “catching up” on peoples private conversations rather than JP news/talk. (We never found this, but a few people have mentioned it sometimes feels your value as a member is judged by your post count rather than what you say).


* Conversations can become lost or ignored in the sheer volume of members posting.


* Registering is a lurid affair; the site is mammoth and must get hundreds of impatient hopefuls everyday eager to sign up and get posting, but it becomes something of a mass rejection X Factor addition quite quickly. you must use a “fixed” email address from your Internet service provider, so no Yahoo/google/msn etc.





* You will never find the place dull.


* Some prefer a sleek straight forward design to message boards without pictures and emoticons cluttering up the thread.Random Shot of the DS Thread


* The thread although chaotic does have a degree of stability i.e. someone will post a synopsis of the E4 episode shortly after it airs. Later someone will have uploaded the episode to youtube.


* Relatively easy to make firm friends with the members already there and be part of a close family.


* Intellectual conversations.





The DS recommendation, remember is for a single thread not an entire forum, everything is posted into that one area. Unless you consider yourself a hard-core net user or JP addict we strongly recommend joining one of the other message boards first. DS is massive and you will happly waste away posting in it's endless threads and forums, something for everyone. It wont be long before you start to wonder if you could actually live without DS in your life...



Who is it for?

Hard core user, your need to sacrifice social life for forum life to keep on top of everything.







Channel 4 Forums



Channel 4 Forums



Channel 4 is the UK channel/network which shows and commissions Hollyoaks. It’s therefore perfectly logical it would have a message board for its shows in order to (Maybe!) allow the writers and producers to read comments about viewer opinions.


Of the three it’s the most average in terms of size and posting. Random shot of the Channel 4 Forums You cant really go wrong by joining this message board if you’d consider yourself an average net user and contributor. It’s a basic all rounder, although it’s considered by some to be somewhat sloppy in design and posting content.





* Limited individual expression, signature in words only, limited choice of avatars creates an "Everyone is the same" approach.

* Poor Bbcode support.


* Adverts.

* Regular trolling by members, i.e. posting false spoilers or rumors.spamlot

* Easy for JP related threads to be replaced by other aspects of Hollyoaks.


* Ridiculously strict rules and harsh moderation, i.e. not allowed to post links to any external sites other than Channel 4 itself; forums close at midnight until 8am the next morning.




* The best out of the 4 if you want a fairer proportion of anti gay views for you to refute (Or perhaps agree with).Channel 4 random thread shot

* Brilliant if you like the majority of Channel 4 shows and want to talk about them within one area.


* Again nice chatty place with friendly peeps.







The forums are a poor substitute to becoming a regular member of any of the message boards mentioned above. The new policy and red tape make it frustrating to be a member, you are enclosed within the channel 4 world unable to share and combine knowledge through links to external sites, and pushing away night owls from posting by shutting the boards at midnight. The rumours are even more frustrating and annoyingly posted at alarming regularity, combine all this with a seriously old school style of message board and its almost a perfectly drawn map to cyber hell. The only redeeming feature is it being the "Official" Channel 4 and Hollyoaks message board, but in this case official doesn't have to mean better and looks incredibly poor when presented next to some of the sites created by fans who do so for nothing more than to unite other like minded individuals.



Who is it for?

Anyone who likes Channel 4, and has perhaps been a member for sometime, or who hopes for the first glimpse of official news from those who know it first.










McDean Fans Forums



Coming Soon








Hollyoaks Forum



Hollyoaks Forum (DEAD? We have no idea where it's gone! As a fellow fan its your duty to tell us when the URL changes, can ANYONE Help???? WHERE ARE YOU HOLLYOAKS FORUM?)


This Hollyoaks Forum review screen shot 1forum is a bit more of an all rounder, when we say "John Paul" or "James Sutton" it's implied the site is stuffed to bursting with fans who have a JP/JS hero complex, this site is much more focused on ALL things Hollyoaks. Clearly a gleaming obvious advantage to anyone who likes Hollyoaks generally not just our loveable McQueen.




* Traffic problems. Like some of the others, this message board doesn't have a fully functional website which the likes of Google can direct people to and then in turn to the boards, its floating in cyberspace adding members by referrals and other website's. In short it will take some time and effort for it to be a thriving city of posts. (August 2008 - This is really quite a poor con now as the site has grown very large, its a excellent Hollyoaks all rounder!)


* Some of the signatures are a bit BIG which isn't a terrible thing, just something that struck us when compared to the narrow width of the boards.





* The Hollyoaks style of the design, superb! Noticed right away, the buttons chunky and yummy looking begging to be pressed and filled with chatter about the greatest soap on earth, the layout and display is top notch. Quietly impressed with subtle visual treats. It makes your eyes smile!Hollyoaks Forum review screen shot 2



* Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks, and more Hollyoaks, without the crazy rules that the official site has to enforce. Pictures, fan fiction, links to the best fan vids etc.



* We like the competitions idea, and the obvious attention from the webmasters who clearly spend time on the site (when we started the review there was a uber cute banner for children in need donations), there is even a MySpace page which is a nice touch. PLUS Uber funky style slots arcade which you can earn "points" for, by posting on the boards. Funage.





The site is lush looking, some serious thought has been applied to how the site should be presented and styled and it works really well. Seem's perhaps again more females than males on the site, and it's not geared to focus only on John Paul/James Sutton, which could be a problem if you don't give a fook about Gilly and his desperate need for a grade one haircut, or Tony's grim nostalgia about a roman porn movie he once started in. BUT if you love all that, then this board could well be suited to your needs and a dabble might be in order to find out if that's true.



Who is it for?

The site is new, the potential is new, its new-sprung and eager for fresh faces to fill its Hollyoaks styled pages, go new borns, go and have a nose around.







Bitch adThe sites with the highest rating of course!


Actually we think you should have a dip in all of them, because we can't be totally removed from bias when these reviews are written *winks*, and what we like you might not and the other way around so have play and chose for yourself are the only pearls of wisdom I'm giving out. Oh go on then you twisted my arm; "Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another" - John Dewey -










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