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Like the welcome page explains (you couldn’t have missed it! HOME to have a read) this site is primarily based upon John Paul McQueen, his life, his friends and rellys (Too much Sheila’s wheels on TV these days, it corrupts our minds!). We hope we have turned this site into something of an extensive resource of John Paul related “stuff”.


Most of the pages on JPMQ reek of our fan dedication and border line need for a white padded cell and unfashionable straight jacket, but we can spare a few lines here to explain a little more about the history of the site. In a nut shell we all had our individual reasons for coming together and making the site you see today (read the reasons here) but essentially it was based on the enjoyment of watching Hollyoaks and in particular John Paul, hell the guy is hot, it's no secret, and I'd guess the bulk of our staff and visitors think the same. We aren't totally shallow! Looks are great but personality is the bit that draws you in and forces you to fall and feel for the character, being the only McQueen boy surrounded by family madness gave JP plenty of opportunities to shine; wit, charm and charisma all rounded off and pulled together with lots of snark. So the Question you should be asking is "Why wouldn't someone make a site for him?". So we did. And here is it.




"About Us" (In Much, Much Detail)



So you've read the introduction bit above and because you love us so, you want to find out something a bit more personal? Maybe get our numbers or see what we look like? Well you wont get either from this page (any more) but hey there is more to us than our telephone numbers and looks you know.


Here you will find out a little bit more about the designers/writers/totally-addicted-to-the- point-of-insanity-John Paul-fans/ and pretty much any one who has helped play a part in the shaping of this site. This page is in a constant state of “development” as fans come bursting out of the woodwork all the time so the details below are in no way meant to be definitive.


If you want your name credit with a larger write up and free plug (see the top 7 members of staff below to get the idea) check out this page Help the site/Jobs etc




????? x 5

Madam Bowlock





EVERYONE ELSE WHO NEEDS A MENTION and Credit for the site you see today









Is our bulky writer, by that we don’t mean she sits at her keyboard all day filling up with cheese and onion pasties, The Steads Iconwe mean she writes the bulk of the sites content. Was studying at Cardiff university doing something, but mostly drinking herself under the table, how she manages to submit 1000 words towards the site everyday is beyond us! Now she's joined the ranks of a workforce which pays her bills and does nothing for her creative mind, only serves to give a foot in the door to the experience of life.


She likes hubba bubba. Tangy Apple. A hint "If you wanna get with Dis" *said in a Monica stylee voice from the episode where she gets a cold, guessing its called something like; "The One Where Monica Gets A Really Bad Cold"*


Steads username is based on the famous brand “Staedtler”. Who make pens. Which we write with... If you cant see the link by now…


Knuxs (Say like Ducks but with a N; Nucks)




Has many jobs! Knuxs working hard on the site Firstly he is the high volume designer of the site, kudos for leaning a "harder" approach to web design (Non Table layout design) and allowing greater accessibility to our visitors, better search engine caching and (hopefully) quicker loading of pages. He also deals with the graphics and all that fancy stuff that gets noticed quicker than the writing. Bah.


Along with Steads, Knuxs is a serious regular contributor to the site, basically they own it and pay or the bills to keep it up and running, answer emails and all the other admin type stuff you'd expect admin's of a website to do. Truth is without Knuxs efforts JPMQ wouldn't even be here! So it might be worth “praising” him as if he were god.

Knuxs username, is based on tons of other forums and websites he has already worked on and it's original conception is based on a long story which is… * yawns* OK in 4 words I give you The Abridged Version; He. Likes. Sonic. Games. (Don’t miss out the end “S”)



Knuxs loves Veronica Mars and Positively urges and pokes and prods and is generally a pain in the arse to find out about this show. It's not half bad either. He is also into Plants. Oh yes from the exciting House Plant, Zamioculcas Zamifolia AKA the ZZ plant all the way back to the impressive Alocasia or Kris Plant (he also likes those in between like the Haworthia Plant but because it reminds us of warts we don't talk about it much).





????? x 5



Oh dear, what can we say about this girl. She likes her enigma qualities. She likes girls, she writes and checks and then checks some more. She likes to work behind the scenes. Nuff said (not because there isn’t more to tell, just that she is coming over and has a sharp pointy stick complete with a Hollyoaks stylee cheesy glint in her eye!)



????? X 5 loves Veronica Mars as well! Also;




Heroes Logo





Madam Bowlock



Madam Bowlock is pure filth! Picture a middle aged women who is a bit of a emo/goth complete with jingly bangles and a totally wicked pagan take on life, and that's "Bowlock" for you. Some of us recently met up in a pub and bloody hell what a party animal... what happens in Swindon stays in Swindon *wink wink*. Originally she approached us with this mad desire to write for our fledgling site in a wacky fashion combined with elements of her personality... which we loved right from the get go, but she didn't want any plugs or write ups for fear of her husband finding out she was a bit of a "McDean" fan (or maybe she never pushed us to do one so we just didn't).


Madam Bowlock has her own page , where we allow her free reign to be controversial, to tell it like it is, and at times cause blatant offense. Why? Because it's funny, makes life interesting and simply because bitching and being partly slanderous is just the dark side of human nature.






We can write what we want about Kiwi (because she said so). We love Kiwi! You can see her stonking efforts on almost every page of the site. See that cute pic of John Paul and Spike, or that brilliant blend of Craig at the top pages? Yup? That’s Kiwi for you. She did it!!!


She has her own page here at JPMQ where we worship a Kiwi style totem pole, bow to the greatness of Queen Kiwi and her slave driver pink whip.


Harry Potter Book 7Kiwi is a bit of a Romp Fan, she can’t get enough of JP and Craig which is why she fits in so well here! *Group hug for obsessive fans* we differ on some things mind. She wants Fabulous Tranny Kris to be her dad!! What about Mr Barnes or Tony, Kiwi? What about them??? And Ben Stiller love, BEN STILLER!! Crazy kids theses days.


But we all love Mr Harry Potter (the non naked version) and agree Hannah is plan loopy, how long before she goes psycho on our JP and says, “Han’s not here right now, I’m Jessica, Hannah's dead twin sister”.?


Kiwi is a bit of a Idiots Guide fan, read up on her JP/C and “Kress” guides here and here








*Oracle* is the kind of person who sits and watches you try to Oracle readys for actionassemble a wardrobe and constantly critiques what you do without actually helping until you throw a screwdriver at him. In terms of the site he does random bits and pieces like pointing out links that don't work, spellings which are attrocioous, and adding to quotes and the JPDb.


*Oracle* is based on batgirl not Delphi so no jokes when he gets something wrong! In real life he is an NHS slave and started re-watching hollyoaks the same time as the school dance kiss. *Oracle* stays late in the JPMQ office working hard... we wonder if he is fixed in the PDT time zone.








Wilf is hot! Kiwi said so in our shoutbox, ever flattered at her comment he decided to come help us out on the site, in fact he knew enough Wilf with Chip and Biffabout computers and web design to do some serious funky stuff with the JPDb. Knuxs had a new friend! They could chat on MSN for hours about Hypertext Preprocessor's and all that jargan that gives most sane people a headache!


Because of Wilf the JPDb is now looking much more respectable and in hindsight we should hang our heads in shame at our past half hearted attempts! Meanwhile Wilf potters around doing this and that, and - well to be honest we don't know much about Wilf!! So he gave us his facebook addy, and now we know lots, but - well if you want to know more your have to become his friend or lover ! (and the picture? What the hell is all that about you ask, well Wilf sounds like one of those kids from the Chip and Biff books. But that's not actually the case, just pretend he is the blonde dude and move on down the page).




Although the JPMQ.org team all have unique jobs, we have all mixed and combined individual attempts at writing certain aspects of the site. Edited out the crap and tried to improve the original. So unless something you have read has one of our names right at the bottom it means we have all contributed to that page of text in some way be it text or art or even just a "hmm I like that". - ????? x 5




This is the bit of the site where we suck it up



That’s it for our home grown contributors, the lovely lot kissesbelow are magnificent and kind and great peeps who have either sent us JP goodness or contributed to the site someway (by that we mean we may have pinched one or two things in order to make the site what it is. And hope they don’t mind. And are happy to let us keep hold of them. Because they are SO Lovely and gorgeous!!! Although if they do happen to object we will of course remove it) Meanwhile we send lots of kisses your way, because you really are so fracking kissable!!



The people/sites below also double up as "thank you's" as well as for reference.



Any “Unknowns” out there recognising your work? Get in contact so we can update!



People who have taken time out to do something incredibly special and then given us permission to display it on the site, (If they’ve asked us to link to them in someway the link is displayed next to their name) Might just be a name to some, but they have truly added something to the site you are looking at! Be thankful!




Layout and General Website Help/Advice


YOUtube Uploaders/People Who Have Submitted Things to the Site







Luscious JP’s face on the left side of every page Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar 2007 and 2008 respectively


Knuxs Picy
- From Sonic The Comic Online; artist Orin, STConline



Steads Picy - Brands Of The World



????? x5 Lost Siggy - "Unknown"



Kiwi Harry Potter Book Cover - Used as a selling tool by many retails, image rights owned by Bloomsbury



*Oracle*'s pic - No distinct reference found, but "Oracle/Batgirl" creator status belongs to Marvel and DC Comics


Support Love Pic - “Unknown”



Scary Firefox icon eating Internet Explorer - Actech



Miss Fracking Kisses - Hellocrazy



Bitch Pic in Forum page - House of Gosh



Footer Banner on some pages and the several awesome icons in the fiction part of the media page, plus two of the static buttons in the link back page - Dawn's LiveJournal



On the links page, the animated JPMQ.org button and banner, as well as the front page Giff file asking "Who's that boy?" -


Pic link to The Hollyoaks Wordpress Site



Most of the brilliant gradients (which we've made heavy use of because they are so dam nice!) - Dynamic Drive



The bulk of pictures on the JP/timeline page (which again we've made heavy use of because they are the best Hollyoaks stills out there!) - Channel 4



Several of the pics on the JP page - Famousmales



Several of the "First look" pictures on the JP page - HSCC



Several of the "Spike me hard" and beyond pictures - Anti Static



Several of the pics on the JP page (Most have watermark attached) - JamesSuttonFans Message Board



Several as in many on the JP book pages - McDean Fans



The rest plus the animated pic of JP and Craig getting frisky Fresh - Guy Burnet Info



The animated icon of Craig pushing JP onto his bed - Brontide's LJ



The JPMQ.org calendar icon - Kenx



All but one of the JPMQ header banners - Kiwi - Sweetlikekiwi's Emma Watson Website



The Pictures of Tom Vaughan aka Spike on the JPDb - Ethan Stone



James Sutton collecting his award from DS's Kris Green on his bio page - Digital Spy



JP's letter to Frankie on the quotes page - Axelmoto's Blog




CSS/HTML/web help;



Layout foundation based on design by the brilliant master Guru Paul O’B of the Sitepoint forums. Sitepoint Forums


Ian Lloyds book; “Build Your Website The Right Way, Using HTML and CSS”


Basic HTML tips and tricks - Echoecho


Snookerfran (tmesis on DS) - Snookerfran's My Space



Websites which wont or cant link to us but we want to link to them anyway;



DS Digital Spy both its media coverage and its forums, (a fuller write up in the “Forums” page)


D and F - Dominic and Friends


Channel 4Both its official hollyoaks website and its forums (a fuller write up in the “Forums” page)


LowCulture -For making us piss ourselves something chronic


HSCCHollyoaks Screen Capture Community; Nothing to do with the bank with the similar name, as the explained acronym suggests they capture images of Hollyoaks images… lots and lots of wonderful images. HSCC



Uploaders to Youtube/Fiction writers




To be fair we haven’t had time to contact EVERYONE on this list, but we will try to in coming months, if you’ve happened to stumble across this site, spotted your name and want to have a link of some kind etc then please contact us! Others we’ve asked and they have either declined or not got back to us and as our mind reading colleague is currently too busy cheating Casino’s in Vegas we don't know what to write!


(Alphabetical order; numbers before letters)


0gothic- monkey0 -


Alberteena -


Becky2330 -


Billydee - Billydee's YOUTUBE account


Cyberjef28 -


Crumpetsandjam -


Da33431- Nick's YOUTUBE account


Dawneh - Dawn's LiveJournal


Claire222 - Romantictype walking downtown.com


eleanor7 - Eleanor7's YOUTUBE account


Emmyanne83 -


Eternal0wings -


Freeze883 -


GeordiePhoenix -


guyburnetinfo - GuyBurnetfans.co.uk


HollyoaksForever - Hollyoaks Forever YOUTUBE account




ijin01 -


jamessuttonfans - JamesSuttonFans Message Board


JPs Secret -H.Oaks Scripter -




Kazmack - JamesSutton.org


Loiseaurougetube/axelmoto50 - Axelmoto's Wordpress Blog


luthfa89 -


mistern05 -


n2kwebsite - Need 2 Know Website


Nathan4Haley - Nathan4Haley YOUTUBE account


NathanAndHaleyFan -NathanAndHaleyFan YOUTUBE account


NorfolkBroad - Jan's MySpace - Guy Burnet Fans


Nottsgurly -


oktoberskies - Keri's LiveJournal


PeanutButterCrew -


Pompu88 -


princessconsuela1456 -


ROEVSSCOTT/royalmcqueen2007 - ROEVSSCOTT's Bebo


Roxuk1 -


Snookerfran (tmesis on DS)- Snookerfran's My Space


Sweetlikekiwi - Sweetlikekiwi's Emma Watson Website


Tihkon2 -


trudz900 -


xAngelxLeonax - xAngelxLeonax's YOUTUBE account


xGlowingAngelx -


VelvetspacetimeCosmc - Velvetspacetimecosmc YOUTUBE account









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