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Most of the below is now part of the John Paul past. We are not going to get rid because its sometimes fun to have a read at what we once thought, see how right we really were or how unbelievably wrong we got it.



Good afternoon dears, and welcome to my very own gossip page, after many pestering emails the folks at JPMQ towers finally gave in and allowed me to give you this page. Full of psychic predictions and gossip ripped from across the World Wide Web. – Madam Bowlock



(Disclaimer; Madam Bowlocks, comments and “gossip” may offend, it is no way supposed to be reflective of the factual parts of the site, this page is GOSSIP. She is only one person, any thoughts or points do not have to be agreed with in order to be a John Paul fan) - ?????x5




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un/confirmed Spoilers/News






James Sutton to star in a movie! Soap!



Maybe he was trying to throw us off the truth, or perhaps the movie plans fell through.


Emmerdale - Drive really fast and watch what happens! But Turns out it wasn't any type of film with a English language definition (James you little porker!), more like a "soap opera", yup James has a role in Emmerdale playing a character called Ryan who is the son of newcomer Faye Lamb... Is this Faye currently on screen? Goad knows, the show is pretty dire stuff, but perhaps James will force us to watch and from that we will find a burning passion for the country life! From a fan point of view, it's disappointing as Hollyoaks and Emmerdale are polar in almost every way, but this means of course that from James' point of view its probably a pretty fantastic new challenge! Good luck xXx






James Sutton to star in a movie!


James tells fans about his new film roleThe Walkabout Club. Wolverhampton. 16th January 2009.


That was the place and date James himself announced he was preparing to star in a British film which starts filming this coming March.




(Picture taken by kittomic, posted, and permission given for distribution at JSF)




* Filming starts in March this year.

* It's a British made film.

* We personally do not think it likely he is staring in Harry Potter, film/book 6 cast has already been set out on IMDb. No James. There are also only a very tiny number of possible new characters for the last film/book, all of which are minority parts which the writers/directors will most likely cut from the script for time. Someone has proposed a good argument that he might star as one of the three brothers from The Tale of the Three Brothers from the book "The tales of Beedle the Bard" when (if) Hermione reads the story aloud in the film it will be shown to the viewer in a visible telling. Seems very far fetched but someone has to play the part if its filmed. The other suggestions are for James playing; A young Grindelwald, Aberforth or Albus Dumbledore.











Spike With ahem, hairTom Vaughan AKA SPIKE is set to return for a few episodes in the future when The Dog hosts a gay night. Perhaps having JP as a gay character did the shows ratings some good and they want to fill his gaping void?


For whatever reason we do hope he returns as a more permanent featured, we've always been favorable of Spike and Tom so fingers crossed! Especially as Spike seemed to have just vanished off the face of Hollyoaks without any sort of explanation.







JP comes back for the McQueen vs Niall show down later this month, but does he come out of it alive?

Screams a lot



- James has said pretty basic things which suggests he does etc, glimmer of hope with his answer to "Will John Paul ever return?".

- Most of the media world seem to think it's one of the McQueen sisters who are going.

- In a recent Episode Dom has a flash back/forward of Tina telling him it will be OK... that in soap is like spitting in fates face.




- No one really knows (yet) who actually dies, JP has a good enough chance as anyone else.

- (James is only back for two episodes) Um one of John Paul's sisters dies and he doesn't stick around? He doesn't come back for the funeral? How will that be explained...

- In a Digital Spy interview with Nicola Barber-Lane she is quoted as saying "It's been really traumatic to go through - they've (James, Barry and Jake) almost become surrogate sons. It's just such a shame that they're never going to come back again." Niall and Kieron are not coming back seeing as they are dead but she sounds pretty sure about JP too.









The Sunset Ending (in more ways than one) is coming... (18th/19th September depending on E4 Status)



The end of end things








John Paul back in October



It's been confirmed JP is back for October, the strongest expectation is that he will be back for one of his sisters funerals (but he might be involved directly with Niall and his little church explosion). Niall kidnaps the remaining McQueen's and after a emotional confrontation, everyone goes Boom Boom. Killing off one of the McQueen sisters.










The Daily Star had a nasty surprise waiting for Kieron fans...


People were praying it wasn't going to come true, but now the Star have decided to stir things up again. With a picture this time, which really does tell a story.



Dies in his arms?



Disturbing on many levels not least because a "happy sunset ending" seems dubious or at the very least poor taste. Could it be that finally the writers have found a resolution that pleases no one fully and yet doesn't destroy the dream completely?


Or you could pretend it's just a clever fake/ploy ;-)






Hollyoaks Forum (August)


Kieron is eager for John Paul to tell Myra about their engagement but John Paul is more reticent. Kieron wants their engagement out in the open and, fueled by Niall's comments, suggests they tell Myra together - soon. Preoccupied with his plans for going traveling, John Paul agrees they'll tell her tomorrow…


John Paul gears up to tell Myra that he and Kieron are getting married. John Paul goes round to Myra's but before he can tell her what's on his mind she tells him he's too young to be settling down and he should be out playing the field. This gives John Paul food for thought and suddenly he's not so sure what he wants any more…


John Paul is tense as Kieron pushes him to tell Myra about their engagement. Kieron is insistent they tell Myra today if John Paul really wants to marry him and, faced with little choice, John Paul finally plucks up the courage. Myra is stunned and insists she won't let it happen, however a stubborn John Paul is adamant she can't tell him what to do and insists they'll get married whether she likes it or not. Kieron goes to see Myra alone, hoping to appease her, but Myra is having none of it. However, Kieron's words have had an effect on her and both John Paul and Kieron are amazed when Myra tells them she's changed her mind – she'll do what she can to support their marriage. Niall's interference rushes John Paul and Kieron from a slow engagement to a speedy marriage. When Kieron confirms they can book the wedding but not for another week, John Paul's relieved. As Kieron reveals to Myra the good news that he has found the woman who fostered her son, Tina advises John Paul not to rush into marriage regretting she ever walked down the isle. Kieron breaks the news to a happy Myra about his and John Paul's wedding plans. Niall, beaten to exposing John Paul's wedding plans, is left frustrated until he learns from a regretful Myra of his father's past crime and death. Visiting his father's grave Niall questions how he has been forgotten just like his father. A bitter Niall vows that happy families don't stay happy forever…






Your Questions



(Questions are in chronological order with the most recent first, therefore as you scroll down things will get older. They are being kept for historical chuckles)



Q: Were you happy with the "Sunset Ending"?

A: *Eating humble pie and loving it* Totally. The ending was fantastic, we had a great proper modern day McDean Song (Epic Last Song - Does it offend you, Yeah?) as well as a believable and enjoyable script. A happy ending in soap? Who'd have though it. Now whenever we think of "McDean" we have visions of them living it up in Dublin, snuggles, long lie in's. It's that feeling you get when you finished a Enid Blyton book as a child. Blissfully contented.





Q: When is James Sutton leaving Hollyoaks? (update)

A: James finishes his scenes off late July/Early August, and John Paul pops up on screen until September.





Q: I really want to get hold of those "letters" that everyone is talking about on the forums, can you point me to them, and how accurate are the replies?

A: Everyone want's to read the replies from "Angela" don't they? Surf here to read. We can't vouch for the source or the accuracy of the response so it's up to you to believe what you want. Plus a few days later Digital Spy post an article which makes Angela sound like a fakery, baking cakes full of lies and slug guts.





Q: What's next for JP/K and Niall's revenge?

A: Why not take a gander at what the producer is saying... John Paul / Kieron / Niall
"The summer months see Niall become more and more embroiled in the McQueen clan. He's living with Kieron while John Paul and Kieron's relationship take a turn for the serious. It's the new-found closeness with John Paul that leads Niall to turn his wrathful intentions onto his secret brother. Niall has a hand in Myra - and the community - discovering that John Paul's been having an affair with the local priest. The repercussions of that are set to continue right until the autumn - and there are shocking and dramatic consequences all around, especially when John Paul is forced to make a choice between his future and his past."





Q: What about The Most Recent Daily Star Spoiler!!?

A: It's below, with our thoughts about it!!





Q: After watching the DS interview with Bryan and James think its pretty safe to say the Sunset ending will be happening really soon! How much are you prepared to wager?

A: Nothing. I never bet unless it's a dead cert. Perhaps it might be an idea to actually watch the interview again, I'd be happy to wager the Sunset Ending is still on the cards, but a standard pack has 51 other cards! In context of Hollyoaks, several other writers, as well as Guy, plus loads of other stuff that might have an influence as to whether Sunset is picked. Finally you're heading for disappointment city if you expect this to be happening in the next couple of months. That, I'll be happy to bet on.





Q: Have JP and Kieron already slept together? (6th of March 2008)

A: Perhaps... hopefully it will come clear in a future episode. When JP jokes with Kris he is great in bed, you can accept it at face value or treat it as JP just being snarky. Update (11th of March 2008) - Very unlikely.





Q: I think John Paul was born on the same date as Pope John Paul (the 2nd) was. We talked about it on JSF and also its been mentioned on the Channel 4 website several times in the past in regard to Myra naming her Son after the Pope for that reason.

A: Thank you very much for that info! Abby also pushed the 18th of May 1989 as JP's birthday quite hard for that same reason. We are happy to change our "guesses" and give a fixed date unless we hear different! Based on what Myra, Spike and Jacqui have all said over 2007 regarding JP's age, we can be fairly sure JP's birthday falls sometime in May/June, and because Channel 4 can be looked at as a reliable source we are inclined to agree with that proposed D.O.B.





Q: The date you give for JP's birthday is wrong, in a recent episode it showed Hannah was born in 1990, and JP in 1989, which means JP must have been born between September to December 89.

A: The date we suggested could be wrong, but not by your logic. Hannah could never have been born in 1990, because at time of writing this (6th March 2008) Hannah is 19 years old. 2008 - 19 = 1989. She was born on the 26th of January 1989, we know this is correct, because she had a huge 18th birthday party on that January date in 2007, (remember that's the night JP came clean to Craig that he loved him!) Based on what Myra, Spike and Jacqui have said over 2007, as well as comments on the official Channel 4 website, we can assume that JP was born around May/June 1989 (likely May 18th but) until the script writers decide to give him a party or make direct reference to his age in dialogue we can't be certain. Clearly they can twist when he was born to change our guesses like they have attempted to do with Hannah's, but it just makes them look like sloppy storytellers.





Q: Did Robin and JP actually have sex?

A: Bowlock - Um pass -

Knuxs - Hopefully it will be made clear in a coming episode (like the exact date of his birthday if your reading script writers!!!!!), but I would go with no at the moment. The episode on the 28th of January suggests that JP hadn't seen Robin over the weekend (no chance for fun there) and Myra says to JP her comment about him, "Being sex on a plate" to which he quickly replies "I wish". The final mashing comes in the form of opportunity, in soap its normally implied when sex has happened (or will). If JP didn't see Robin over the weekend and if we presume the sex in the toilets comments were just exaggeration, when could they have done it?

- Update (1/4/08) Based on new evidence JP tells Hannah there have been "others" therefore as Robin and Toby are the only two we know he has had a "encounter" with, could have happened with a random off screen of course, but we are now thinking he and Robin did the deed sometime after all.




Q: Niall's revenge? Tell me more

A: Niall as you know is Myra's first born long lost son, and he feels bitter than he was abandoned by her when he was born and being surrounded by the McQueen's dysfunctional as they might seem, they are a strong and united family when it comes to blood. Niall understandably feels angry and what better way to express anger in soap than a spot of revenge. He has plans for each of the McQueen's and unfortunately for spoiler hunters each victims fate is closely under wrap, we know Michaela get's accused of shooting up and having a drug problem thanks to her secret Brother, but everyone else's horror treat is hidden. Obvious conclusions;


* Jacqui finds out about Tony and Mercedes sleeping together.

* Carmel and her police career came out of no where, corrupt copper storylines?

* Myra is grounded by her faith and family what better way to destroy someone than by mixing the two together in a cocktail of evil.

* Father Kieron should NOT be out and gay and he should definitely NOT be sleeping with a teenage boy. Someone should tell the authorities.




Q: WHO IS THAT? (picture) JP and new Barman Robyn, 5 min wonder or something long term?

A: Oh him... that's Robin, he is a slightly cuter version of "Jay" AKA the plot device on legs. "Designed for what" is your next question, allow me to answer it here. So JP is getting with the Priest, and sometimes in real life unless someone knows the other person is gay as well relationships can be hard to get going. So in short: Priest knows JP is gay, and eventually JP knows Kieron might not be so into the no women or no sex sort of life after all. Robin needs to do some work behind the bar because this time the plot device actually gets lines! Although he should be hated, remember Batman and Robin? Batman getting all the action and his sidekick none, well this Robin flies solo and is a greedy bugger because he likes orgasms with other people too much. (PLAYER).




Q: When is James Sutton leaving Hollyoaks?

A: Ask James. (P. S he has recently told fans he is now signed up to at least June 08).




Q: Now that JP is getting together with the new guy Niall, can you tell me more about him?

A: I'm actually being sick right now. That is more gruesome that the little brat who came to my door Halloween night pretending his guts had been ripped out by some wild beast bent on fury. Wasn't pretty. And the thought of JP and Niall doing it just makes me feel violated. The pair are brothers!! Not lovers!!




Q: So does JP get together with a man of the cloth? Father what's his name?

A: Yes. When the old priest leaves the church he is replaced with a semi good looking dude who knows how to handle a stick or two; Father Ciaran O’Dowd Kieron Hobbs, He visits his parishioners including Myra, but the lure of the gorgeous young (male) McQueen tempts him to stray from what's right and good and drift towards what's wrong and bad; John Paul's bed and the magical sex sheets.




Q: Is Guy Still Filming?

A: Last day of filming was supposedly August 2nd he along with James were spotted filming at the Liverpool John Lennon airport (see pic below).




Q: Is Guy coming back for the Sunset Ending this year?

A: Oh dear. The Sunset Ending started off as a nice romantic notion that Craig wouldn't be able to cope without JP and so would return to Chester and win his man back. The cult following took off and before long it reached border line psychoticism, when James Sutton revealed recently he would be renewing his contract till at least June 2008, there was some angry responses at his decision. The desire to have Craig back for a few episodes meant JP needed to leave, totally unacceptable! When the time is right for James to leave the soap, great, a sunset ending would be lovely, but even he commented on a message board on his dismay at some of his fans wanting him to leave in March for this fan made ending.




Q: Wow so Guy Burnett is coming back then!?

A: Er (touchy issue) I don't believe Guy Burnett will ever fully reprise his role as Craig in the near future, of course even the best psychic has her off days, but remember the "Sunset Ending" is a fictitious scenario that people on a message board made up, then supported in a cult fashion. It's like buying a book, reading the first half and loving it then reading the final pages, missing out the latter half of the story which could end up being better than the first!




Q: I want to know; is James Sutton / Guy Barnet / Tom Vaughan gay in real life?

A: There is no such thing as “acting”, it’s just an excuse for being naughty and bad, those boys are enjoying the snogging as much as we enjoy watching.




Q: So they are gay!??

A: No dear. James has a girlfriend, Guy is a player and Tom is a cutiepie with a homosexual goatee.




Q: How dare you tease me like that, I’m going to bash you up bitch! Bet you didn’t see that coming in your magic balls.

A: Crystal ball says no.




Q: Is Tom (Vaughan) still filming?

A: Wish to be wrong on this (truly) but Twinky Winky aka "Spike" has supposedly left! His last scene was the one where Sarah confronts Craig and JP and demands to know what's going on when she over hears Spike saying he will keep their little secret. What an awful exit.




Q: I've heard that Hannah dies in JP's arms!??

A: Utter rubbish. Melissa drops/(ed) dead not Hannah.




Q: What this about John Paul killing himself when Craig leaves?

A: What's this about President Bush being a wonderful gay rights activist? (Does it make sense to anyone to kill off such a popular icon for such a silly reason?)




Aww BFF or what?Q: I don't understand that picture above, is it some crazy late night Hollyoaks spin off?

A: Oh My Looks sexual enough. It's when John Paul gets camp and needs a fag hag, and Sarah and Fish Lips get it on, they are calling it "Babe, Pig In The Village". Actually its just a promo shot for a typical day in Hollyoaks Village.





Q: Why is Guy Burnet always so "I'm 200% straight" in interviews and things?

A: In simple terms he cares a lot about how other people see him. He does not want people to confuse him and Craig.




Q: What kind of future do you think Tom Vaughan, Guy Burnet and James Sutton will have?

A: Tom V; he didn't last long enough in Hollyoaks for it to lay a certain future in acting, he might do OK on the music scene. There is possible potential for him to return to Hollyoaks.

Guy B; He burnt his bridges with Hollyoaks, *snip snip snip because hate mail is really depressing when you just work on a site for fun snip snip snip*

James S; is already, to some degree, a proven actor. He has a charismatic and down to Earth attitude, truthfully his future with depend on what happens between now, and his next contract renewal in Spring 2008.




Q: I'm really annoyed by your comments about Guy, suggesting he HATES Gay's we get enough stick from the straight community, we don't need it from the gay one as well!

A: I've never said he hates "gays" that's purely your own interpretation. I'm also not gay.




Q: What were the Hollyoaks Ratings for last night?

A: No time to post ratings up every night! Jezzzz! Go look here





JP and Co Gossip




John Paul's future



Some people have contacted the writers and producers of Hollyoaks for answers regarding JP's future, the below are the replies which have been posted on message boards (we personally can't vouch for the source because they are clearly personal replies)




Hi Simon,

It’s good to hear that there is some healthy debate going on. It’s restored my faith in the fans after I received a saddening email saying how there is serious fighting going on within the forums over the John Paul and Kieron storyline and that some McDean fans are crying every night over the developments in this story. We encourage debate and discussion but it seems there may be a few cases of unhealthy obsession which could spoil it for everyone.

In all honesty I think that if Guy Burnett were to return as Craig Dean there is no way it would stay a secret for long. Look at how many people guessed that Summer was going to be Maria in The Sound Of Music, we tried to keep that a secret but the press found out and the interest in the McDean storyline is so much greater than that. We film 2 months in advance and fans stand outside the front gates every night, there is no way of getting into Lime Pictures other than through those gates so Guy could easily be spotted if he were to return to filming.

Right now I have the storylines up until about October but the storylines department are already planning right into next year before they are passed onto the scripts team to be written, it’s quite a lengthly process.

As I have previously said to so many McDean fans, Bryan Kirkwood has commented that he would consider giving the fans their Sunset Endng but it isn’t going to happen soon as he has a lot in store for the McQueens as it is.

Guy Burnett left Hollyoaks to pursue other projects and the door was left open for him. Some chracters leave a soap with the door left open and return within months, others don’t return for years and some never return.

No matter how many times I say it there will always be someone who thinks this is one big cover up but i’ll say it again anyway. There are cuurently no plans to bring Craig Dean back to Hollyoaks, the door was left open for him when he left but at the moment we just don’t know if it will happen let alone when.

Best Wishes





Hi Julie,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am aware that the person I have responded to has posted the email on Digital Spy as he felt that it would help the McDean fans understand that we at Hollyoaks honestly don’t know if Craig Dean will return. It’s a possibility one day but there are no plans to do so anytime soon. As Bryan Kirkwood said at the start of the year there is a lot coming up for the McQueen family this year. If a Sunset Ending had been planned for during this time it would have either overshadowed the McQueen’s storylines or have been lost amongst it. John Paul is a key part of the McQueen family so any storyline affecting him would undoubtedly affect the rest of the family. This is why the ‘Sunset
Ending’ would have affected the McQueen’s if it had been planned to happen but as I said, it hasn’t.


I can’t discuss James’ contract because I honestly don’t know anything about it. If he is going to leave it at any
point it should be announced on the Hollyoaks website as we have done with Darren Jon Jeffries, Matt Littler, Kevin
Sacre etc.
I know the fans are picking at any information they can find to try and figure out what is going to happen with the John Paul and Craig storyline but believe me when I honestly say even we do not know what is going to happen there! There is no big cover up, we are not withholding information, there is just no information to give. The Craig and John Paul storyline was great and we appreciate all of the support and praise it has been given from the fans and the industry alike. There are no plans to revisit it anytime soon as we are exploring other storylines with other characters but that doesn’t mean we won’t one day, just not anytime soon. Honestly!
Best Wishes





Make what you will of the above, but if Angela is to be believed it's an explosion and a half to some peoples ideas of what will happen.



A few days later...


Digital Spy post a pretty confident article that Craig will be back! In September no less. I guess Angela's pants are on fire, and it just goes to show you should never trust everything from supposed "official" sources.





Say The Daily Star



BAD Boy Niall Rafferty strikes again when he murders a priest and makes it look like suicide
The twisted fella has been hellbent on destroying the McQueen clan since he arrived in the soap.
And the next step for Niall [Barry Sloane, 27] is to murder his half brother John Paul McQueen's gay lover Father Kieran Hobbs [Jake Hendriks].
Fans know that Kieran and John Paul [James Sutton, 25] have been having the affair.

But news of the romance comes out, threatening Kieran's position in the church and the community.
He moves in with Niall to let the heat die down and that is when the tradegy strikes.
An insider said 'Niall uses this opporunity to kill Kieran and then sets up the body. He doesn't have anything against the priest, his beef is with John Paul, Niall wants to see the lad suffer'.



Do you think its likely to happen?

It's Possible.


Will it provide the dream Sunset Ending fans are begging for?

Doubtful (someone has just been killed for crying out loud, and there must be something wrong if you are rooting for death of someone who is essentially good).


Will it make JP leave to be with Craig in Dublin?



If this ending happened would you be pleased?

Yes and no. It would be a great ending in terms of dramatics, but honestly we'd be a little sad to end the site on such a depressing dark note, even if he does go to Dublin to be with his first real love.


You are anti Sunset Ending thought aren't you?

We really have no major thoughts on JP's leaving, only that we don't want it to happen. When the entire site is all weighed up its obvious we have a strong bias and support towards John Paul, and because of that we'd like him to be ultimately happy no mater how that happens.





*Shunted gossip below* (showing how wrong us fans really were)





After the Craig rubbish there isn't much point moving away to Dublin and so he attends HCC. His storylines revolve around the new set of students. John Paul moves in with the other students.


(Future plots courtesy of a DS interview with Bryan Kirkwood)

- Until next year JP has a side kick role, rather than a staring one

- John Paul becomes firm friends with Elliot Bevan

- In the new year "He'll be embarking on an affair with a very surprising member of the community…" The truth in my visions of the future...






(Past gossip stuff which we've decided to keep for nostalgia's sake)


Since the dawn of time people have been impatient little so in so’s, wanting to know everything now, unwilling to wait for experience and time to educate, so in keeping with psychics everywhere I are more than willing to help out. Predictably the end is often the most sort out spoiler, the journey part of the story is always secondary to finding out where it first leads. So we start where the JP/Craig storyline will more than likely end…



How does the JP/Craig relationship end (2007)?


We know it starts, several sources have confirmed as much. Including both James and Guy, the boys have sex, and love it (Kinda). The thought of these fit young studs bare-backing it is enough to give this old girl a stroke. The true ending is of course pure and undiluted gossip, the final scenes are being shot as you read this fact is still scant and gossip rife, but this picture of "The End" tells you pretty much all you will need to no.



Craig Says Goodbye...



Below is a collection of my personal favorites;


(The only order is the date they were added to the site)


Devil Spoiler



"There's a huge shock for Sarah Barnes this August when her boyfriend Craig Dean reveals his affair with John-Paul McQueen in public. Craig Dean reveals the affair in the middle of the pub, it seems Craig can't bear to see John-Paul & Spike together. Hollyoaks revealed that Craig becomes extremely jealous and there's this moment where he's had enough, Craig sees John-Paul & Spike kissing and he ends up reacting the same way when he saw Sarah kissing Rhys Ashworth. Craig gets caught in the moment he doesn't realise what he's doing, he ends up revealing all but seems to forget he's being watched by everyone in the pub. Everyone is left shocked and Craig himself is mortified at what he's done he knows he can't deny what's been going on as it's come from his own mouth. Hollyoaks are very excited about this episode, it's set to be the most explosive showdown you'll ever see in soap."




Devil Spoiler



"Despite Craig confessing his love for John-Paul on Wednesday 27th June 2007, he still won't give up on his girlfriend Sarah. Craig insists that he will finish with Sarah when the time is right so that he and John-Paul can finally come out as a gay couple though these plans are dashed when early on in July, Craig proposes to Sarah. This comes as a shock for not only Sarah and John-Paul but I think it even shocked Craig himself. In an interview with Guy Burnet he states, "This is Craig's only available option left to help him fight the gay part of him and the part of him that loves John-Paul. Even though he knows he still loves John-Paul he just doesn't want to 'come out' therefore he just sees this as the correct thing to at the time." This revelation means that Craig and John-Paul's relationship will completely spiral out of control. Guy explains, "John-Paul can't believe it, one minute Craig is certain he will finish with Sarah and the next he is proposing to her. I think it is just too much for him to take in." Events lead to an unbelievable showdown at Craig and Sarah's engagement party when John-Paul gatecrashes it and tells everybody about their affair. When Sarah stands by Craig and confronts him about what John-Paul is saying, Craig just stands there. Humiliated by Craig, Sarah leaves the party and goes home saying she never wants to see him again.


The following day Craig sets off to live with his sister Debbie Dean. In true soap style just as Craig is about to get on the train, John-Paul shouts him back and after arguing about the night before the two finally make up and agree that they can put it behind them. Craig agrees that John-Paul can come and stay with him in London and they can finally be a proper couple out in public. John-Paul packs together all his belongings and him and Craig happily set off for the train station together. As Craig gets on the train he asks John-Paul to put something in the bin for him though as he does Craig shuts the doors. John-Paul runs back and just manages to hold them open begging Craig to let him in. Craig opens the doors and holds John-Paul against him kissing him before letting go. Craig says, "I can't do it." John-Paul shouts, "Why," throwing himself on Craig's chest but Craig says "I just can't," pushing John-Paul away before the train sets off into the distance."



Devil Spoiler



(updated 13/05/07) In a few weeks Hannah, spiteful as ever, tells Spike about the kiss JP and Craig shared a few months back, she wants them to split up, but is fairly convinced Craig and JP have no future so it’s a win win situation for her. Except inadvertently part of her plan goes wrong, its true she is able to push Spike and JP apart, but this gives Craig the chance he needs to take things to the next level with JP.


Then one afternoon during an exam Craig goes around for a chat, and before long they are having a emotionally charged convo. Later that afternoon in JP's bed Craig is full of regret, he gets back after Sarah, and strings both of them along at the same time. We should feel sorry for Craig, obviously caught in turmoil, but its difficult to feel much sympathy when he is hurting our dear John-Paul. The end is still predicted to play out in one of the endings described below.



Devil Spoiler



(updated 5/04/07) Craig’s jealousy of Spike and JP’s romance escalates over coming weeks, at first even Craig is confessed by it, JP used to be his bitch and now he has a new best friend in his life. This makes Craig angry, he joins forces with Hannah in destroying Spike’s good name, in one heated showdown between JP and Craig, Craig kisses JP! It’s reciprocated and the kisses turn into a full on sex session.


A brief “it was a mistake” conversation shortly after fails to curb JP’s rapidly retuning sexual interest in his best friend, and unlike before chases after Craig full throttle. A secret illicit affair begins. Darren Osborne catches them at it and after a quick blackmail attempt cant resist telling Sarah and Spike. Craig is unable to deal and leaves Hollyoaks for good.



Devil Spoiler



(updated 5/04/07) Craig adapts to JP and Spike’s relationship… but Craig is continually drawn into JP and Spikes relationship problems through JP using Craig as an “advice friend”. JP and Craig connect on a stronger level than ever before. JP and Spike split up/rough patch when JP is reluctant to have sex with Spike. As Craig comforts JP, the pair share a kiss and one thing leads to another... Something similar to the end of theory two occurs and the ending plays out in one of the described ways, below.


In a way this is the strongest theory, as you will remember we left Spike and JP in a state of getting to know one another, but its obviously even to the most insensitive person that JP wasn’t overly keen to go all the way with Spike when they were in his room, and yet the writers had clearly placed this story thread in for a reason but then abruptly put JP/Spike/Craig on a break. It seems doubtful they would suggest they have sex off screen; it’s difficult to believe the Hollyoaks writers would neglect a sex storyline simply when its between two males when they are quite partial to implied sexual activities, and have done extremely well already in giving gay issues a voice with a potential award wining narrative.


It’s quite probable we will return to the JP/Spike/Craig Storyline in a few weeks with characters assuming JP and Spike have had sex, where JP shocking reveals to a select few they have not. The only reason this doesn’t get the most likely place is because of JP’s personality, too much sex with two different people in a short space of time has the potential to change him from cute boy next door into a stereotypical gay man, which so far has been rigorously avoided.







March. Spring is in the air, new beginings! Although everything over here is exactly the same as last month *dong*. Elsewhere JSF forums and James Sutton.Org both make it to their second birthday with ease, both sporting new layouts with a lick of paint. And new sites keep poping up all over the place, as in previous incarnations a McDean Fans style website was lanuched last month







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