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This is the JPMQ frequency asked questions with the answers. (Some people really don’t have a clue!)


Questions About The Site

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Questions About the Website




Q: I've made a YOUTUBE fan vid and its not in your tables! How come? Veronica says get a Clue!

A: The Simple answer is; we are only human! It takes ages to sniff out new videos then add them in, at its peak 10 new videos were popping up daily! Far too many for us to get into the tables for a page we don't treat as a priority. We made an admin decision to only add the videos people pointed us towards via email, through our quick and easy form or vids we came across and really liked! So the real answer is simple, get in touch, and we will put your video in.




Q: Script Errors, warning errors about ActiveX content, cookies are all warned when I come to your site what's happening?

A: There can only be one answer. You are using Internet Explorer! We have nothing to hide so here is a list of all the "errors" you might get if using IE;


ActiveX/Script warnings - This will only happen on our front page. It's to do with the image of John Paul. When you roll your mouse over it changes to a different image. IE thinks the site might be trying to install a malware programme. It's wrong, the second image of JP needs to be downloaded so it shows up straight away when you mouse touches it. Its a PNG file, viruses/malware/spyware cannot be stored in picture extensions i.e. PNG/JPEG files.


Cookies - There are TWO cookies found on most of our pages, ONE is a harmless tracking cookie for Amazon; Amazon needs to find out where its shoppers came from. It's needed so they can give us a percentage of a sale for us referring you to them, which is used to help fund the site. The OTHER is another harmless cookie which allows us to compile statistical info about how people use our site. What pages you like, what you don't, how we can make things better etc. We don't sell or share the info with anyone else, and none of it contains personally identifiable information if you are still concerned then please have a look at our Privacy Policy.



To be honest almost all websites have similar things we do... IE seems to like picking on us because we haven't bothered to cover it all up, Firefox is more secure and it never views our site as a Privacy? What's that when you have siblings"threat". You can of course follow IE guidelines and allow it to disable parts of the site, and things should still functional normally.




Q: Do you have a privacy policy?

A: Yup sure do, you can read it here.




Q: The site isn’t finished is it?

A: Absolutely NOT, there are still plenty of things left to add, The site will continue to change for as long as JP is on our screens, we hope YOU will also help shape how the site develops. Wellllll now JP has left and we rapidly tie up lose ends it sort of is coming to an end and might be (to an extent) called "finished". John Paul is a cult icon and he might one day return so in a way the site will never be finished as long as fans exist.



Q: I have something which you guys might like to display/I'd like to help the site/I have feedback for you!

A: Drop us a line via email to submit “things”/Check out this page Help the site/Jobs etc /or you can just get in contact and tell us what you think about the site.




Q: What “Things”?

A: Perhaps you have pictures or screen caps, maybe fan fiction (JP related please!), videos, or links to other JP related goodness. You might want to write something for the site, something gay related, how JP has inspired you etc. We are more than happy to expand the site in ways which you think will benefit both fans and the gay community. Its Charmey Bee!




Q: Hmm sounds interesting. Do I get anything from it?

A: Spreading the gospel of JP should be reward in itself! But we appreciate that sometimes material gain is more rewarding. 1) one of the message boards offer “prizes” for varying competitions 2) We have a looooong list of contributors in the "about us" section. You get your name emblazed in glory for all to see and a link of your choosing if you want people to either find your myspace/bebo/blogger/livejournal (you get the idea!) or drop you an email. 




Q: Who comes to this site?
A: Its very easy to assume that a site based on a (gay) English soap character will only effect gay English watchers, but this is simply untrue, both Scotland, Wales and Cornwall get Hollyoaks (This is perhaps the worst patriotic joke you will find on and for that I apologise, - Steads

It's actually damn stupid and not funny at all! who wrote it!? - Knuxs

Knuxs you are ruining this question! Who the frack comes to our site? - Steads), seriously its not so much about who is able to watch it on normal TV but the people in the world who the story and characters are able to touch and speak to. With the help of the internet for example people in Australia and America (and any other country) are able to follow the JP story, we know this because they have "told" us so!




Q: Does James Sutton come here and add anything to the site? Interviews and things?

A: Yup, we have it on good authority that many of the cast/writers etc have made trips into JPMQ pages.




Q: I really like the site and would like to support it. I’m not much of a writer or picture type person so is there anything I can do?

A: There is a truck load of things (literally) you could do to help support us;

* Big Us Up Promote the site to all! You can do this simply by word of mouth, if you use something from this site on another site be it a picture or some information link back to where you got it.

* Become an affiliate, you take one of our buttons and we take one of yours, a “Link Exchange”, this helps both our sites and helps JP information hunters.

* Donate to the JPMQ fund (MORE DETAILS HERE)

* Report dead links or anything with the site that isn’t working correctly.

* The best support you can give is to enjoy the site and perhaps give you something to think about. That’s all we ask.




Q: Can we hotlink things from the site?

A: No, no and NO, please do not hotlink anything from us. It’s mean and cruel and makes us cry. no no no




Q: What exactly is hotlinking?

A: You hotlink when you right click an image and copy the URL which is displayed, then post the link direct into a message board or another site. This takes OUR bandwidth which we (and fellow donators) pay for. There are LOADS of sites which let you upload pictures to them and provide you with a link to use. ITS FREE. Find them and Host there.




Q: There is nothing you can do to stop me hotlinking so HA
Course there is dummy. OK we cant realistically stop the right click function, because we are happy for people to save pictures to their own computers and want the JP story to be accessible to everyone. That said we could always change the URL you have copied, which will let us change the image you are currently displaying… perhaps to this picture;

you are a total gimp for stealing this image from JPMQ


(says it all really) And if you insist in stealing bandwidth we can make the pictures nastier. How'd you like the world to know all about your gnomish member?




Q: Why have you talked a lot about other people in the media/timeline/JPDb pages. Should it not just be about JP as this is a JP site?

A: If we did that some of the JP storylines wouldn't make any sense, the whole point of soap (and life in general) is all about the interactions between different people. We've felt its important to include, which is why it's there.





Q: How can I download and save youtube vids to my hardrive?

A: The good news is it is possible and when it’s Firefox is Eating Internet Explorers share of the marketset up, it’s very easy to do. The bad news is you will need to spend a little time setting it up.


If you use Firefox check out this site, it guides you through everything you need to know and does it in a easy straight forward fashion


If you don't have/use Firefox read on... you will have to use a 3rd party site to do the leg work for you, here are a couple;


A file is downloaded to your PC which (if it isn't already) must have the file extension ( i.e. the letters after the file name) changed to; .flv so "Thisisamovefile.avi" becomes "Thisisamoviefile.flv". You do this by right clicking and renaming the file. (On a PC anyway, if you have a Mac it's something different, but to be fair if you have a Mac you are more than likely smart enough to work it out anyway)


After that you just need to download a FLV player and your good to go!


Download FLV player



In an ideal world everyone would use the Firefox browser which comes with a download addon, it simply lets you download content like youtube vids (You may still have to change the file extension to .flv if it doesn't do it for you). But most people still use IE, mostly because its the standard browser with all windows operating systems. It's actually well worth spending some time researching the other web browsers which are out there. For example in testing this site, we had to get hold of Opera, and it has to be said, this internet surfer was pleasantly surprised. There is more info in the LINKS section if you want some futher reading.




Q: Can't you just do all the above for me and host the files for us to download?

A: What!!? Do you no how long that would take and all the chaos it would cause to our social lives, its pure undiltued evil to ask such things of us!




Q: But it's in the name of James Sutton and John Paul McQueen!

A: Well... OK... we will do what we can when we can, and then put the files here.




Q: If you are a resource website how come you don't provide High Quality downloads yourself?

A: We just don't have the time or the technology to do it well! This site is really good, if you aren't happy with downloading from Youtube etc.




Q: Why are you so anti IE users. It makes me sad.

A: Stop being so soft! We are just joshing about. Get Firefox. I agree




Q: Sometimes when I come to the site the way its displayed seems to be scattered about the page. Why?

A: The site uses CSS to style it (like most sites) although a good bulk of website's will still use tables in order to structure themselves. Tables are ridge and fixed when your browser loads the web page which means content already has a place set out for it to be loaded into. With CSS all the positioning is done by text direction and your browser must first load the CSS file and "read" it before the page can position itself, which may temporally mean parts of the sites appear to be in a state of flux or chaos. The page SHOULD order itself in a matter of seconds. If for any reason you have problems viewing the site or certain pages, please lets us know, if you don't, how can we try and fix it for you?




Q: Why don't you just use a table based layout?

A: Because its wrong. Tables, in all fields of life, are designed for displaying tabular data. That's the whole point of them. We also want JPMQ to be accessible to everyone, if we used table based layouts then anyone using screen readers, i.e. blind or partially sighted surfers, would suffer. Plus we think CSS is able to make pages look nicer. Its beautiful stuff.




Q: Think there is something wrong with the site, nothing ever seems to update!

A: Three causes, one we’ve all died and so are unable to update anymore, two, we don’t have internet access for some reason. Or three, which is also the most probable, your browser is reloading old versions of the current page. Hit F5 to COMPLETELY refresh the page.




Q: This site is totally confusing I'm lost!!!

A: Go to the Search/Site Map page and try and find what you are looking for there.







Questions About The People who work on the site




Q: Who are you people?

A: It took you this long to ask who we are?! Cheeky. You can read about us on (you guessed it) the about us page.




Q: Who PAYS for this site? How do you make a profit from it?

A: We (Steads and Knuxs) pay for the site, we are considered the main admin's, have the FTP passwords and all that stuff which allows the effort people sink into creating JP fandoms to rise to the surface and become reality. We have never and never will make a profit from JPMQ, that's not what it was designed for. Our motivation for doing the site is explored in the next question, you can also read a little more about us. Obviously it would be good if we could raise funds from the people who utilise the site, and we have spent time researching the best ways for you to help us out without having to dig deep. In short if you ever buy things online you can use special referral links which big company's treat as a form of advertising and pay us a small proportion of the profit they make from you buying *insert item here*. Be it a CD from Amazon, or car insurance from Tesco, every little helps the money page explains it better.




Q: WHY do you spend your time doing this website?

A: Cant' just give one answer for that question so here are our individual reasons.


Steads: I personally work or do this site because I'm a whore and Knuxs is my pimp he tells me to so I do otherwise it's black eye city. Really I do it because long time Hollyoaks fan, always had a desire to be the center of attention even as a child, middle child syndrome they call it I believe, and what better way to attract attention than to tell people I have a website give them a link and let them explore the inner workings of my creative psyche. It let's you meet people, opens your mind and really I can not think of a good enough reason to stop.

James is lush, no?



Knuxs: For me it's all about equality and being able to spend your time on Earth doing what you want, especially if at the core it doesn't harm anyone else. Obviously gay or bisexual people are only one group of people who could potentially be viewed as "oppressed" but everyone needs to make a stance somewhere and this is mine. I have a fair few gay friends and that mixed with Hollyoaks love and a nasty break up with an ex I was desperate for some positive focus in life, and the karma points were an added bonus. Producing a site, understanding HTML, and feeling my brain grow bigger with all the stuff I was learning was fantastic, and I love doing it all! It's a hobby.



?????x5: Like Knuxs and Steads I partly share their views but rather than just repeat what they have already said I will go down the route of "I'm gay and this storyline is inspired", when I came out to my mum she took it really badly, my family aren't religious or in all honestly have any valid reason to have a sexuality prejudice, having a gay daughter should not have been any kind of issue. In my view people are "brainwashed" by media such a soap operas into perceiving heterosexual sexuality as the only real way to live, almost as if it's the ideal lifestyle everyone wishes they can have for themselves and their children. It's not something I can support for obvious reasons and have always felt it unfair I should be treated as an outsider for just being me. Hollyoaks came along and for the first time actually introduced to the soap loving public at large a set of relationships which just happened to be centered by a gay character, and the world didn't end. My aim and motivation for this site is for John Paul's story to be infamous, to spread and get people talking. The most damaging factor for sexuality equality in my eyes is that people do not talk about it enough.



Madam Bowlock: If you could see me now you'd being watching a women clapping very hard. Just finished reading what the others have said and I'm impressed with their reasons, mine are very basic and less impressive. I'm happily married with two children who I believe are both straight (they have partners of the opposite sex) but if they ever did come to me and say they were gay it would never upset me, unless it upset them. Which means I don't have any vested interest in the storyline from a gay/straight perspective. I've always liked the McQueen's and felt that Myra was relatable, posting on Digital Spy one day I came across a link Knuxs had posted asking for help and here I am!



Kiwi: The beginning [mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]: when I was in secondary school, I used to come home every Hannah looking more evil than normal? day at 4ish, me and my dad would talk then watch Hollyoaks [catch up]. The first time I saw John Paul was when he was in the classroom with Craig, talking about America. My dad and me have a gaydar for EVERYTHING we watch and I immediately said, “that blond one is gay” and my dad was like “no he’s not shurrup!” Then, a couple of Hollyoaks-free months later, I saw a picture in the Weekend and the caption saying ‘John Paul confesses his love to Craig’ and I laughed in my dad’s face. Since then, I became addicted. To me, it was a love story, not a ‘gay or what’ storyline. But the fact that they were both blokes made me love it even more. I’m a huge supporter of the gay community [my uncle being gay and all]. At secondary school, there was a boy in my year called Ashley. He was short, fat, high-pitched voice and teeth to big for his head [can you tell I didn’t like him much?]. He was always a little bit camp and then he ‘came out’ and went full-throttle campness. I found it frustrating because there were times [rarely] that he was genuine but the majority of the time it was soooo obvious that he was putting it on. In his mind, the only way he could be accepted as a gay was to be camp. John Paul is the total opposite and that makes me have so much respect for the character. He shows gays that you don’t have to be a mini-Graham Norton to be accepted as a gay. He’s lovely and such a sweetie that I want to adopt him and raise him as my own little gay! James and Guy are amazing actors. I greatly miss seeing him on my screen but I’m sure I’ll be seeing him very soon! And James seems like such a lovely bloke, v.down to earth and super friendly. I love that he connects with his fans through the internet, that’s what I would do! So, in a nutshell, love John Paul, love James. That good enough for you Steads???



*Oracle*: I'm with Madam Bowlock - my story isn't nearly as inspiring as some of the others. In all honesty I tuned in to the school dance episode for two reasons. Number 1 - I'm an NHS slave and vastly outnumbered by womenfolk at work. To survive I have to have a vague understanding of popular soaps and reality TV shows. Number 2 - every gay storyline in soaps has been ridiculously bad and I just wanted to see how hollyoaks was going to do it. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I help out at the site because it’s run by good people. I benefit a lot from the humour of the site and so I do my small part (I'm sure more volunteers wouldn't go amiss either if you are reading this). Of course the main reason is that I'm obsessive about spelling and grammar when it isn't my own work!



Wilf: My story is tame and not really worth reading unless you are a hardcore fan. One day I was messing around on facebook and I found Knuxs profile, the guy was pretty much my type so I was nosy enough to have a rummage around. Found the site, posted a few times in the shoutbox and submitted the odd thing. You know what? It was fun, so I still do it. See very tame and unexciting. P. S. I am a very loyal boyfriend and would never cheat on my OH no matter how cute the other guy is.




Q: How do you spend your time on the site and how long does it take to "update" after each episode featuring John Paul?

A: (Nice question!) So John Paul has his E4 scenes, does his bad ass actions and Stead's, Knuxs and normally ?????x5 AKA Abby, go on MSN and chat about the episode. Each night we have to update, the Timeline (with the actual link going into the page the following day) the JPDb, People, Places (which is easy because its factual and doesn't require a great deal of creativity) and sometimes JPDb; Stuff (if we need to tie a phrase from the JP books to something which lets the reader grasp what we are prattling on about), the only other page which get's an update without fail is the John Paul "Books" (in this stage of the site it's always book 3).


The first pages mentioned above are normally completed by 8pm (with a 7:30 start) because it's just factual information it's very easy to do, some HTML coding, and wham it's all ready for uploading. If John Paul interacts with a lot of people or generally a lot happens in the episode it can take a lot longer. It's always the "Books" and "Stuff" pages which takes the longest because we have to decide what stood out and how we can twist it to make it "fun", the bulk of our site is supposed to be tongue in cheek, humorous or so funny you laugh till you cry. Generally we hope its a combo of all three, mixed in with the factual pages which can't be twisted too much without distorting what actually happened. We don't do factual write ups in the Books because what would be the point? There are thousands and thousands of words written throughout the 3 pages and it would be awfully drap to read in a wikipedia style, not to mention wikipedia already do it! Why copy what's already been done?



In Hannah as the Wicked Witch and JP as Dorothythe early days we focused heavily on themes for each "day" or storyline sequences, remember when we linked Hannah to a wicked evil witch in Book Two? We though up loads of ideas and ways to merge the Wizard of Oz story with JP's, we even had images to tell the story for us *chuckles* sure it's basic but hopefully it was entertaining (and still is if you re visit history). These days we are pushed to get things done quickly so don't have huge amounts of time to plan the write up's which perhaps hasn't worked in our favor, sometimes content is repeated too often and sentence structure and wording is pretty predictable. Feedback is a mix, some like the new way, others the old. The three of us normally take it in turns to write the basic layout and then each flesh it out a little, so often what you read is a mixture of our different minds, we trust one another so if need be one of us can do it all solo. By this time the "core" updates to the site are done, and we are rounding up to almost 9pm (the time always varies but hopefully that answers the question).



All other pages tend to take a backseat, we normally only touch them when we have free time, something very important happens, like James Sutton is on TV, or we come across/are sent some awesome pictures that need to go into the gallery or one of the other members of the JPMQ team send us something they have been working on, i.e. Kiwi with some new icons, REAL Hollyoaks links etc, or M Bowlock has a fresh page she would like to upload, *Oracle* with a HUUUGE email of spelling and grammar errors which have some how slipped by three sets of eyes(!!!) or finally Mr Wilf with some JPDb entries.


We spend time dealing with emails from our feedback forms (we attempt to reply to everyone with a valid email address, so check your junk folder if a message from us doesn't come to your inbox after a few days) and friends from other sites. You get the idea I'm sure! So wont go on and on.




Q: This makes no sense to me, no other Hollyoaks character has his or her own webpage. Why JP?

A: Well it was a toss up between pretending to be JP and setting up his own MySpace page, or to just come clean reveal we are a third party who have a deep love with all things John Paul McQueen. We chose the second because the first was just too ridiculous to consider for longer than 4 seconds.




Q: I’ve submitted something and you haven’t given credit/you’ve used something of mine without my permission. Why?

A: If we haven’t given you credit for something you’ve submitted contact as right away (you can also give us a slap!smacking little emotocons)
We will endeavor to credit anyone’s work we use if we can find the creator. Sometimes you slip through the net, if you want credit tell us and it will be sorted, or if you prefer we will remove the content.




Q: I'm furious about your comments regarding Guy on the gossip page! Please take them off.

A: I'm sorry you feel like that, Madam Bowlock is someone who offered to help out with a "spoiler" part of the site, and the "creators" of JPMQ really liked her style. So content on that page was extended. There are no anti Guy, James etc comments any where else on the site, but we will not intervene with the content on Bowlocks page. Just avoid the page if what she writes offends you (Or better yet talk to her!).




Questions About James Sutton/John Paul




Q: OMG you are so John-Paul aren’t you! My friend is totally in love with you, she thinks you are unreal and would love to kiss you and maybe get married, can you MSN us NOW John-Paul?

A: Sorry, none of us are “John-Paul”, none of us have any connection with the actors/producers/writers of Hollyoaks. We do agree with you that John Paul is unreal, but in the sense of not existing. John Paul the character likes guys.




Q: What? John-Paul is NOT gay! In a magazine I read it said he was straight, he even said it himself!

A: James Sutton and John Paul are different “people”. James Sutton is the actor who plays John Paul.




Q: What's all this "JP" lark?

A: You try writing "John Paul" all the time! We love the guy, but we don't love writing his name in full when two simple letters will do. "JP" = John Paul. (That's the official reason and it has nothing to do with us originally thinking using "JP" was synonymous with "John Paul", but after the Toby incidents... *shifty eyes*)




Q: Is James Sutton gay as well?

A: In a word; NO



Q: Awww.

A: It might make James Sutton and to an extent JP seem more desirable if they both share the same sexuality trait, but its important to remember who you see on screen is more than likely very different to the actual actor anyway!




Q: I’m very confused, why is this site about John Paul McQueen and not James Sutton?

A: In a way it is about both the character and actor, but its John Paul being who he is that makes the site.




Q: Explain. Please.

A: In the past, present and likely the near future, gay representation of males (and females) both in quality and accuracy has been limited and heavily critiqued. JP is something a bit different in that he has attracted minimum criticism and high praise from both straight and gay watchers alike. This is in part down to the writers but also the acting of James Sutton.




Q: Queers are all over the TV theses days its ridiculous to make a site about one just because of his sexuality.

A: The site isn't here simply because JP is gay, the site is about JP, and JP just happens to be gay. Its true that more gay characters and personalities are portrayed in the media in a variety of differing ways, from “camp” to “straight acting” or “butch” to “fem”, but often get sidelined to other characters who are straight. Soap in particular doesn’t tend to have long lasting popular gay characters. JP is unique in that he is young, came out, is typically macho, and was still involved in storylines that are separate from his sexuality. Like a lot of the other characters in soap, JP is being treated equally.




(The above questions are basic, more detailed ones about JP and other Hollyoaks Characters are answered by our very own Madam Bowlock, on her own page)




Questions about "Gay" related Issues



Q: Why do you say “gay” and “straight” rather than homosexual and heterosexual?

A: One: its an informal website, using big classifications in order to give connotation to multifaceted wordy sentences and arguments is futile when a lot less space can be used and at the same time allow’s for easier accessibility of people who might not have had a complete education or swallowed a dictionary recently.
Two: the latter terms are considered by most to be outdated and only used by those who want to make anti gay remarks.




Q: I’m not homophobic but think gays need to shut up making a fuss all the time.

A: You might not be scared of gays but you seem to be both anti gay and bigoted. If you don’t like the content. Leave the site.




Q: I want to join one of your recommended message boards to put across my views for being as you put it “anti gay”.

A: Most respected forums and message boards will have a “non racist/sexist and anti gay” policy or rule in place. To some this is “PC gone mad” to the more enlightened it’s a way to treat everyone with a decent DS screenshotlevel of respect and courtesy irrespective of personality traits or attributes which cant be changed. You will be able to register and post your views, but if truth be told there is no way you can slag someone off for being who they are while obeying that message board rule. Expect the banning email in your inbox.




Q: I was banned for saying fags should die. Why?

A: Stupidity.




Q: Well I'm anti gay and that's me, its who I am, like some people think they are gay by nature and that's who they are. You should accept my views.

A: We will never accept that kind of logic as a valid reason for prejudice.




Q: I think people are born gay.

A: The website really isn’t the place for those types of discussions, join one (or all) of the recommended message boards and post your thoughts there.




Q: I’m straight and enjoying learning about JP but friends have told me you can be converted.

A: Glad you are enjoying the site! Your friends are clearly thick twits, perhaps you could educate them. If not it might be an idea to find friends who don’t have to share brain cells.


Pass the parcel McQueen Stylee


Q: I'm a girl and love the JP storyline. Sometimes when I'm all alone I picture JP doing stuff with guys. Am I gross and sick?

A: Steads is that you??? Hmmm well anyway, lets face it some men love the idea of two women at it. Why, in 2008, should we pretend women don’t like the idea of two men at it? It’s hot.





Q: Is there anyway I can show people that gay TV attracts viewers and more channels should commsion gay based programmes?

A: Gay TV will always seem to attract audiences because it’s on so infrequently it’s seen by most as “new” and worth tuning in for, but regardless it rarely harms the viewing figures or audience share, and it’s probably quiet nice for gay audiences and straights who have an open mind to watch on a more regular basis. So sure have a read of this, which explores ratings in more details and provides a link to the channel 4 overnight viewing data.




If you have any other questions then ask us here with our handy form.






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