PLease!! for the love of god help us!!!




OK hands in the air, we aren’t too big to admit when we need to ask for help. It’s pretty obvious that JPMQ combined with real life isn’t the most practical way to expand the site. JPMQ is like a baby and we are its parents, and if you could see us feverously working away past the witching hour night after night you might take pity on us.


Below is a list of stuff we need to do, and it would be ever so kind of you if you were able to help us with it. It’s a great way to help out the site, put it on your CV (because lets be honest what potential employer wants to read the same drivel about you enjoying reading and writing over and over, its so 1992, Stand out and say you are a web junkie instead! Its intresting!), or just feel you’ve helped the JP story to reach more people.



Work for the site i.e. Jobs



1. Interview and Article Hunters


We need one or two people to seek out all the John Paul and James Sutton related media you can find. Provide a link if its a web address or you will need access to a scanner if you’ve found it in a mag etc. You will of course be credited but you will also need to credit the original author/artist etc.


2. Artists


We’d love to set up a fan art section to the site, wallpapers, graphics’ etc. If you have the skills, want a fairy busy site to show case your creative skills then perhaps this job is for you.


3. Writer(s)


You need to be able to write. Doesn’t have to be amazingly perfect, hell the spelling police would have a field day if they were looking at this site. But it does need to have a degree of legibility that doesn’t use “txt speak” If its funny, fantastic! But funniness is not a requirement. Best thing to do is to send us an example of what you can do, few hundred words say, and give us an idea about what area you are interested in writing in.


JPDb – Fill her up baby, anything linked to JP we need to know about!

Gay rights/Issues – Issues which effect gay people.

Bowlock’s Assistant – Gossip seekers, any and or no matter how unlikely, we want to report it.


4. Link Liaison


We need someone who is willing to find JPMQ link back sites; any site (in keeping with the sites themes) will be fine. Will mean you need to approach the site’s admin request they display one of JPMQ buttons and then secure one of theirs for us to put in our links section.




Q: I cant wait to get started when can I expected to get paid yak yak


A: None of us get paid, we are free working unpaid fans, and if you only want to help out for financial gain you need not apply.


Q: OMG this means I get to come and meet James and Guy and we can all go for drinks and stuff with you doesn’t it!??


A: Um no, you obviously haven’t read the site, we are not connected to James Sutton or any of the other good folks who produce Hollyoaks for our viewing pleasure.


Q: Great! I’m not after any of the things above! But I can’t write HTML or any of that computer stuff.


A: We’d need to code whatever you write/find anyway so its not a problem, you just need to have access to email, be somewhat reliable and be prepared to write a few sentences about yourself (Which will go into the “About Us” section, have a look at the top 3 names to give you an idea what to expect)


Q: OK I’m up for helping out… how do I tell you that?


A: Just send us an email! We’d ideally like someone who actually knows this site pretty well, which will mean you should no how to contact us.













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