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Endless hours into researching what you thought of the site, allowed us to discover that the main JPDb page was too confusing. Whoops. OK so we divided into six main sections; A "John Paul Universe" which contains stand out events etc, complete with dates i.e JP's People interactions, Places and "stuff" which are things that dont fit any where else. A Quotes page (featuring Quotes naturally) , and then a "bio page" where we look at him in individual detail. Then finally this page, which houses the words and ideas we have mentioned in other parts of the site, but aren't strictly related to John Paul as he is on TV.



John Paul McQueen and His People Universe - All the People in JP's Universe.

John Paul McQueen and His Places Universe - All the Places in the JP Universe.

John Paul McQueen and His "stuff" Universe - All the other Stuff in the JP Universe.

John Paul McQueen and His Bio - JP's personal bio, all about him.

John Paul McQueen and His Quotes - Things said by JP and his family/friends.




Various Dates = We normally put a date, when a certain event has occurred, in brackets after we talk about it, this is essentially to give strength to what we are saying and lets you, the reader, check it out if you dare to doubt us, although we are a fun site we do try where we can to be truthful and factual. When we use "Various dates" instead it's normally when we say something that even the basic JP fan would not have a problem with and thus doesn't need to be checked i.e. "JP works as a part time DJ in the Loft"











Everything else








Anti gay


Using the term “Homophobic” to describe someone who is prejudiced against gay people is misleading and incorrect. It’s true meaning is fear of “the same”. In terms of gay linkage; you can be anti gay without being fearful. Anti gay can be used to describe anyone who attempts to block acceptance of gay individuals, either though negative language/discourse or thought or something more active i.e. violence or bullying.















Like so, totally American. Stands for Best Friends Forever.







(Madam) Bowlock


The Psychic, she see's all. It's where we get our insight and spoilers. Hail Bowlock and her magic crystals of bollocky. She also seeks out all the forthcoming spoilers for us.













“Cardi”, “Cardigan Craig”, “Cardi fan”, “Cardi Cummer”


All Dawn's Cardi iconterms used in various JP/Craig message boards to describe the love/hate relationship between fans regarding The cardi now owned by NatUK from DSCraig’s preference in cheap, crappy, god dam awful cardigans. A snowflake cardigan which seemed to swallow its owners neck got so much stick from the public the cast and production team held a “Burn the Snowflake shite” party in early March. (Well dreamt that last part actually, but I’ve been told by Madam Bowlock I have ESP so bet it happened exactly as described! Yeah right).


Actually it's now owned by a fan when DS offered it as a prize in a competition they had. Here it is hanging her room, congrats NatUK 80, you are one lucky girl!








Colonel Mustard



Veronica Loves CludeoColonel Mustard is a character in the classic board game of Cluedo. The aim of the player is to deuce who committed a murder, what with, and where. We joke that JP is Colonel Mustard because he wants to kill Niall and is holding a Candle stick which is also a murder weapon in the game. To be honest the joke is pretty old and you should not even need to read this to get it, and if you have read this far, its time to spend 10 pounds and actually get the game. (It's pretty decent).












The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is a 2008 American superhero film directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film is part of Nolan's Batman film series and a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins.


The films main villain is the Joker who likes to play games by forcing people to take parts in ethical dilemmas i.e. "If you don't kill this one person, all these die instead". There are also lots of explosives involved, something Niall is keen to repeat when he holds the whole family hostage in the church, forcing Myra to chose which of her children live and die.









A contested term, but its generally agreed that a "discourse" is a group or set of words which attempt to influence something. For example there are many words to describe, “insert subject here”, the preference of words you chose to use becomes a “discourse”.








Does It Offend You Yeah?


Is a band that's lyrics don't show up on Google (as of September 2008), their song "Epic Last Song" beat out of TV sets around the country when John Paul decided to follow his heart and go after Craig then we watched as he ran around the station missing Craig until they finally see each other on separate sides of the tracks. The song paused as the pair talked and made up then as they boarded the train the song came back to life. The song still played over the credits, although shamefully both Channel 4 and E4 decided to have annoying voice over's/indents on all their showings until the omnibus the following Sunday morning when we were able to watch the pure version. JP and Craig also steal the final closing scene and once more the song can be heard playing in the backgroud.


Without question the title of the song is genius, it's also assured itself as a song always to be associated with McDean.













Evil Hannah / Bad self


Is played by Emma Rigby. Hannah can be so cute, Ali Larter innocent and adorable at times, but at others she comes across as plenty nuts, bunny boiler, and bloody well insane! The Name “Evil Hannah” was born out of the US drama Heroes which has a main character who has a mirror double. Literally. Hannah’s reflection/pictures often comes alive and torments her.


Heroes (NBC site)





(Other Hannah names; "Manga Hannah", "Wicked Witch")









Eye Rape


Urban dictionary, defines it as looking at someone intently while thinking about raping him or her. We don’t like the implied conation of “Rape” so whenever we use it, its meant in jest. “JP was staring at Craig so keenly it looked like he was eye raping”










A complex and loaded term. In context with this site it’s likely to refer to the equality for all peoples including gay individuals. The right to live in a way which reflects who they truly are.


Gay equality works on the principle sexuality is an ingrained trait; its main counter argument asserts it’s a lifestyle choice. Most if not all, anti gay and homophobic attitudes/actions are based on choice rather than ingrained traits. i.e. you don’t chose if you are straight or gay, but you do chose to discriminate against someone.













Father Kinkron


JP first thinks that the reason Father Kieron keeps the fact he is gay a secret is because he is good Father Kieron by day and at night is Father Kinkron, sleeping with as many blokes as he can pull with all the witty biblical quotes about smiting. JP accuses Father Kieron of leading a double life and the pair have it out on the 29th of January 2008. We use the name Father Kinkron whenever he does something un Priest like.










Is a web browser, it was the first to introduce “tabs” i.e. rather than multi icons in the task window everything was contained inside one. Simple and sleek. A real rival to Microsoft, some sites claims its taken a 12% market share in the last few years alone.









Veronica MarsWe stole this word from the greatest show in the world that is “Veronica Mars”. Its so fracking awesome, we can’t stop fracking saying it. Frack. Clever peeps would have worked out it’s a word which is clean, but is pretty similar to a naughty word. This is a family site after all. And yes Veronica Stole it from Battlestar G.












Gay Blood



(See Hollyoaks Episodes on the 27th and 28th of August 2008 - For Kris and Kieron exploring the issue )


A term used in a variety of ways, most commonly used either as a negative statement about a gay person and what they are, or a term used by those who campaign for gay men to have the right to donate blood. (Currently the UK blood service assumes all gay men have blood diseases and refuses to change it's screening questions to gather more in depth details)


Run down of the argument







Gender (stereotypical)


A verbal and societal divide between males and females i.e. “Girls wear pink, boys wear blue”, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” ultimately creating inequality between the two genders and later causing problems for gay/straight individuals who fall outside of said rules.









A Granny Killing Rapist. James Sutton played one once in Trial and Retribution. It was sicking brilliance.







Golden Balls


Another name for JP, coined up this time by Michael, again in reference to JP's sexual prowess, joining the ranks of legend in June 2008.









A largely speculative construction, often its conclusions and deductions prove to be either grossly manufactured from a set of incorrect premises or the direct result of intentionally fabricated or misleading “spoilers” or information.




Spoilers at the time; “When Aleksander moves into the McQueen house he and JP do not get along! But the pair share something in common...


Premise One; JP has a relationship with someone who isn’t currently in Chester

Premise Two; Aleksander is a new arrival who moves into the McQueen's.

Conclusion: Aleksander and JP have a relationship.


In this instance Jacqui was the only thing both boys had a shared interest in.
















"Is a British television teen drama and soap opera first broadcast on 23 October 1995, on the Channel 4 network. Originally devised by Phil Redmond, who also devised shows such as Brookside and Grange Hill, the program is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered Hollyoaks Iconaround a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education called Hollyoaks Community College (often mistaken for the real-life University of Chester), with the characters and main target audience generally being in their late teens or early twenties. Produced by Lime Pictures (formerly Mersey Television) and filmed mainly at studios in Liverpool, the show currently broadcasts at 18:30 each weekday on Channel 4, with an omnibus edition on Sunday morning, usually at 9.50am but this time may vary. At 19:00 each weekday, Channel 4's sister station E4 airs a 'First Look' feature, in which viewers are able to watch the episode which would be shown on Channel 4 the following day. A Saturday omnibus is also aired on E4 as well as daily repeats each weekday at 16.30." - Wiki










Having absolutely no/totally absent/non existent/ GAYDAR.










The fear of the same. Often used incorrectly in place of “Anti gay” when attempting to attach negative meaning to a person’s thoughts/words/actions which are deemed offensive by the (or supporters of) gay community.








Hot Kiss


During the time John Paul is in Hollyoaks there are some seriously hot kisses, and some pretty average ones and some even bring new meaning to the phrase "sucking face" i.e. they suck, all the way down to making out with your cat. HOT KISS, is so hot it's like totally uber, surfing the realms and waves of hot kinky real porno, the lips are locked together and tongue is thrashing and moving in a way that causes the watcher to move his or her own lips, feeling what JP and *insert whoever* is feeling. Hot.


















Using JP’s initials including the capitals of his surname “MQ” creates the name of the site. Beta tested from 2/4/07 and officially opened at 4:44pm on the 4/4/07, is a resource site designed to feature everything John Paul McQueen related.









When JP does and says gross lad type things, his sexy heroic status falters (every so slightly) so we push that slight distaste into a name; J-Pig. i.e. JP says he pee's in a sink when he has to (November 9th, 2007).









The name given to the action of JP doing something uber cute and heart melting with his eyes, it can either thaw the heart of an ice queen bitch, or cause a temporary heart attack in the man he wants. The outcome and reason for giving the look in the first place will always be heart related.



















A CBBC programme staring “Sonny Valentine” aka Devon Anderson. The show had an annoying catchphrase; “Kerching!”.












If you are reading (and enjoying) this site, Yellow Bird it likely describes you (at least in part). "Liberal" has many different meanings. Essentially in the context of this site you could describe a liberal as someone who is open to new ideas, and willing to be open minded, both towards and away from main stream culture and ideals.

(Naturally you can be a "liberal" and vote another political party but the yellow bird gives the impression of freeness, plus all its members vote in favor of positive gay right acts, in context of the site it slots in perfectly)


The Lib Dem Homepage









John Locke is on lost, but the one we are referring to is much older. Along with Immanuel Kant and several other ancient and modern Philosophers, they have attempted to prove the existence of God through deductive and moral reasoning. Philosophy is as complicated (or some might argue interesting) as Star Trek time travel, so we will keep it brief.


1. God is all-powerful (as in nothing can be more powerful than God).

2. A God in the mind (as in not real) can not be as powerful as one that exists in reality (because existence is a power).

3. Therefore a God must exist.



Er logical right? Debated to death over the centuries and still no answer, and we only touched on it as a joke to link in the JP thinking about bringing "Father Kinkron" into existence. What's that you say? Lame? Yeah, you're not wrong.















1. Feeling fantastic after the successful completion of a particularly macho feat.



2. Term used to describe a person radiating testosterone.



3. Used to poke fun at someone who thinks they are fantastic for doing something stereotypically male.









May 16th 2007


For all McDean fans this day couldn’t come soon enough. The date that John Paul and Craig Dean do the do. That term along with "John Paul and Craig Dean" Accounted for over half of people finding this site through search engines.









Term for the John Paul McQueen and Craig Dean pairing. Its traditional to split character’s first names to shorten a pairing (e.g. Kris and Jess make Kress) but Joaig and Craul are stupid so McDean it is, rolls off the tongue, like swimming in a bath of hydrophilic lipids.







McDean Film


A movie about McDean, would be some people's idea of heaven. People on the forums have gently joke about it coming true, exploring the legendary story in a feature film. Joke or not the writers tie it into a final scene betwen Craig, Sarah and Hannah. When Hannah explains he and JP are perfect together and their story is one of torrid man love, Sarah jokes about a film poster having her name third on the billing, and Hannah thinks she will get the fourth spot (Septemeber 18th, 2008).









Mind is the Charity, reasons for it's choice etc can be read here









Mirrors are used a lot in Hollyoaks, in particular they are used in great number with the JP related stories.

1) The mirrors on a basic level can show the viewer what the character is actually feeling/thinking without actually talking, or repeating the use of dream sequences which can get frightfully dull. i.e. Craig's mirror image shouts abuse at him.JP and Craig Compare bellys in front of the mirror


2) On a more advanced level, they can be seen to actually symbolise what we as the viewer actually see at the same time as the character. As watchers we “watch” the stories, when the characters look in the mirror we are seeing exactly what they are seeing in the same moment, not the mirror image we would get on our screens through normal watching. It's primary use is designed for us to feel closer to the characters and feel more affinity towards them. i.e. We see JP and Craig hugging and generally being couply and looking at themselves in the mirror.


















Without the “soap” prefix, is another web browser, has a more smooth, javaScript feel than IE and Firefox, tabbed browsing and “widgets”; mini programs that run with the browser, love the fish tank thing!











PC Gone Mad


PC stands for Politically Correctly. Groups which often use offensive terms or words as part of their “discourse”, rejected the notion of equality and attempted to place a negative spin on all things “PC”.


"PC Gone mad” is a term frequently used by the “Daily Mail” and “Sun” newspapers to support a completely unfounded story which attempts to further damage minority groups as if they are the ones causing a stir. If you ever utter those 3 appalling words wash your mouth out with soap, get a reality check and stop reading those crappy papers before you realise you have become your parents.


Political correctness in its pure form is based on language use, not action. At the end of the day people shunning it's use only prolong inequalities.







Psychedelic Bumblebee with Caesar's Hair Look



Ahh Cakefan comes up with a perfect description of JP in his darker days with the un styled hair and hideous H and M green and yellow hoodie for effect, never let it be said that Caesar can't deal with the hard parts of life. Who was the original name creator? No one knows, if it's you do tell.


JP in his Bumblebee hood



















Is a broad concept, but too limited when applied directly to JP so the below allows scope for Hollyoaks content at large. Church goers have declined over the years especially in Britain largely thought to be caused by general secularisation (defined by Bryan Wilson as "the process whereby religious thinking, practices and institutions lose social significance") people today dabble in parts of religions they like and reject the more oppressive elements, someone could quite easily have a belief in "god" without ever defining themselves as Christian/Catholic etc, in this way its too difficult to indoctrination children/new followers because your belief and faith are too individual to be applied to society at large.


America still has a large number of faith schools which makes it easy to see that Religious indoctrination is real. All religions work on the principle of exposing each new generation to a single world-view, to the exclusion of all others, in a repetitious and authorative manner. Its power is such that peoples so affected have a ‘belief’ they have chosen their particular ‘faith’ above the many on offer throughout the planet. Obviously some religions are more invasive and forceful than others, (the majority of) Jewish boys for example are mutilated days after birth, despite being given absolutely no choice. JP clearly has no physical reminders like this because of his mothers Catholic faith and as such has largely been able to shape and contribute to his own individuality, although he does have his confirmation name. It is customary for a person being confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church (and some Anglican dioceses) to adopt the name of a saint with whom he/she feels a special affinity, thus securing an additional patron saint to be his/her protector and guide, in this case Myra and JP chose "St Sebastian" who would you believe is sometimes regarded as a gay icon.


As a general rule gay issues take priority in Hollyoaks and they clash infrequently with religious ones, Myra confides in a Priest about her disappointment in JP being gay (April 6th, 2007) and the issues don't mix again until the following year when Father Kieron goes on a awkward date with JP/Robin/Zak (January 25th, 2008) the following week Robin and Kieron square off (January 28th, 2008) and after that religion becomes a recurring theme with Kieron following his religion on one side and the other struggling to merge it with him as a gay man (various).


What's interesting about the January episodes with Robin is that we are presented with a man we are expected to dislike because of the way he treats JP and yet he offers, in a verbal and argumentative way what most gay people (and anyone else) insulted by religious talk would agree with. Robin is admired by JP for his outgoing and proud nature in accepting who he is, and being under no illusion that he has just as much right as anyone else to "love" who he wants, something which was lacking with Craig and ultimately being the cause of their break up (September 20th, 2007).









(We get so many people from America asking what this actually means it needs an entry!)

It's something you do before exams or tests, reviewing, going over what you have learnt before ready for the exam.







Rubbish Tranny


A lowculture reference to Kris in Hollyoaks. Suppose they think he is a rubbish crossdresser.












Sean from Coronation Street


Sean Tully is a fictional character played by Antony Cotton on the UK ITV soap opera Coronation Street. The soap is well known for taking decades before finally introducing a proud and out gay character although it did have a high profile gay storyline it was arguably handled badly with too much focus on the negative and confusing death of a unborn baby blamed on the character of Todd Grimshaw coming out and upsetting the mum to be (the incidents were unrelated). There has not been a long term macho/straight acting gay character since, but the Street do have Sean. Sean Tully is very comical in a stereotypically gay way, his storylines tend to revolve around the absurd. Some argue he damages gay rights, others point out he is one of the few out and proud gay characters on a mainstream UK soap and for that should be commended.


Coronation Street and Hollyoaks do not complete for viewers, broadcasting at different times of the day/evening and both having different target demographics.







(Magic)/Sex Sheets/Bed



The Sex Sheets In actionLet's be honest, John Paul's bed has seen a LOT of wild action, not only with JP and -> insert person <- but even his own sister and brother in law were drawn to spending some "quality time" here. We aren't sure if its the actual bed or the sheets that add the pinch of sexual spice, but those starry bed clothes have been thrown about the bedroom and washed more than anyone cares to count.












The symbolic slash, used to separate the two names in a romantic pairing, from which slash fiction takes its name.Its thought that Slash originally developed in the late 1970s through Star Trek stories pairing Kirk/Spock. It simply became more popular as time progressed, its believed the readership tends to be straight females and gay males, presumably because both find male on male depiction a turn on, in the same way some straight males may enjoy lesbian based porn.


It’s called “Slash” because of the way the pairing in any story is separated with a forward slash “/”


JP/Craig/Spike Slash Stories










supporting a particular relationship (and If you’re here we’re guessing its JP and Craig) in Television land. A supporter is known as a shipper.







Snow White



After the last McDean omnibus episodes airs on Sunday September 21st 2008, T4 did their usually episode of "H.O.N.A.R", James Sutton is the guest star and they have him dressed up as Snow White in honor of John Paul almost poisoning and killing Niall.

He reads from a book which has snippets of online fan fictions and Steve Jones cuts him off each time it gets too racy.

John Paul is apparently also the 21st most popular gay character.








St John Paul of the magic willy


Angrywaiter on Digital Spy comes out with such quality at times it cry's out for a permanent place in our hallowed pages, this one made it into Book 3 and deserves a royal mention here. Er its meaning is wrecked if you go into excessive detail, so lets just leave it with John Paul has a magic Willy. OK.







Stripy jumpers


John Paul’s signature clothing in Hollyoaks which complements Craig’s terrifying tendencies for Cardigans. John Paul tends to favour jumpers/ t-shirts with horizontal alternate coloured stripes. Sometimes he wears stripy hats too.







Sugar Rush



Sugar RushSugar Rush, is the Channel 4 adaptation of the book by Julie Burchill with the same name.

It's one of the few shows which is headed by a main lesbian lead, which in itself is pretty rare. The show is a riot and something that really ought to be watched by all, even if its only once. With lines like “I'm a queer virgin with an STD!” it's literally impossible not to laugh at it's witty and off beat style of story telling. Charting the life of Kim and her invigorating lust for her best friend (Sound familiar JP fans) it explores her life as she comes to terms with her sexuality and growing up in the essential pro gay city of Brighton.


So far two seasons both with 10 episodes exist on DVD, and a third season had started filming before Channel 4 pulled the plug. It always aired around the Big Brother time frame and this year BB has expanded into late night time slots, where Sugar Rush could normally be found.









Sunset Ending


A (almost) religious belief that Craig Dean would return to Hollyoaks declaring his love for John Paul and whisk him away from Chester to Dublin for a happy sunset ending.


Sunset Ending


Concocted by fans for fans to deal with JP and Craig splitting up in 2007. The writers (and actors) at Hollyoaks liked this idea and it was written into the end of the John Paul McQueen's story, exactly one year later (give or take a day), in both literal form with a poster in the background at the train station when Craig kisses JP in public, and the original suggestion with them actually going off into the sunset together when the train pulls out of the station (September 19th, 2008)











"Magical Vagina", "Swimfan", "Swimbit"


All names to describe Sarah Barnes, the names poke fun at her like of swimming and scoring boys.



















Veronica Mars


Veronica MarsA unique and exceptional US serial drama set in the fictitious town of Neptune (she also drives a Saturn hybrid if you like witty scriptwriters). Veronica is the main character and each episode focuses on her and her friends as she goes about solving individual mysteries and attempts to work out a large arc storyline spanning all or the majority of a season. Sounds like Nancy Drew or some crappy teen drama? Its not. But that notion of "a P.I who solves mysteries" *yawns* might explain partly why it hasn't done as well as shows like LOST, “Veronica mars is witty, fun and outrageously clever. Its one of those shows that nobody can say is rubbish. Street smart with heart”.


Veronica marsWe urge EVERYONE to give it a go. Because Kirsten Bell rocks and sells Veronica so well, it's award winning material. The snark, the wit, its vaguely (and we do mean vaguely) like our very own UK John Paul McQueen.


Everyone at towers loves it. We love it to death, and we’d love you in the same way if you give it a go. Love Death is so cool. Knuxs Loves it more than any of us, and the DVD's have pride of place next to his Harry Potter books, it's that awesome.








(The) Voiceover


One Final Letter to Myra From Kieron... After Kieron has died Niall finds a note addressed to Myra which draws from biblical scriptures, we hear Kieron's voice one last time as the letter is read (September 18th, 2008), the below is what's heard and fan observations and explanations as to why they were picked.



"Myra have faith that one day you and your child will be reunited. I hope these passages from the scriptures help."


Obviously talking about Myra looking for her son, we think this letter was written BEFORE Kieron finds out the truth.


"My Son, you are always with me and everything I have is yours. We have to celebrate and be glad because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again. He was lost, and now is found".


This is directed at Niall. It plays while Niall reads the letter so is likely a literal reference to all the pain and guilt Myra has suffered over the years since giving her son up, and now its time to let that go as he is close to being found. Others have suggested the final part is about Craig and JP which also links with the next piece; Craig is the brother and was "dead" because he was gone, now he is back or "found" and it should be celebrated .


"I looked for him, but did not find him. I called him but he did not answer".


This is directed at John Paul. Kieron looked for John Paul's heart, the real him, trying to reach him many times, giving up his faith for example. But despite everything he could not be "found". (One episode previous JP says at the Grave something in their relationship had always been missing, right from the start, was it JP's heart?).


"There is no fear in love, perfect love drives out fear, because fear is punishment and has no place in perfect love".


This is directed at Craig. Craig has said one thing recently which explains everything with total simplicity "I'm not scared anymore" perhaps his love for JP has driven out his fear about what other people think. Because any true love can't exist with fear surrounding it...



































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