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OK so we have had to watch a great many episodes to gather these details, like the majority of the JPDb what we are writing here tends to have a more serious tone because its factual. i.e. you can check and verify what we say by using your eyes and ears (links provide more extensive details and are only used on this page when something we claim is mentioned on screen only in passing and could easily be overlooked).



Full Name: John Paul Anthony Sebastian McQueen

Nicknames: JP

D.O.B: May 18th 1989

Star Sign: Taurus

Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6ft



Father: Ricky Bowen

Mother: Myra McQueen

Sisters: Carmel McQueen, Michaela McQueen

Half sisters: Mercedes Owen, Jacqui Malota, (Tina Reilly)

Half Brother: Niall Rafferty

Grandmother: Marjorie McQueen

Brothers in law: Dominic Reilly, Aleksander Malota, Russ Owen

Cousin: Theresa McQueen




Hannah Ashworth - November 06 - February 07

Spike - March - June 07

Craig Dean - (Unofficial) May - September 07 (Official) September 07. September 08 - forever

Jay - One hour in October 07

Robin - Few days in January 08

Kieron Hobbs - February 08 - September 08

Toby - Two days in early March 08



(Close Platonic)

Elliot Bevan

Katy Fox

Zak Ramsey

Hannah Ashworth

Kris Fisher



(EX Friends)

Sarah Barnes

Nancy Hayton



Job: JP worked part time in The Loft as a DJ, also hosting and managing his own gay nights; Shirt Lofters.


Pets: None (Past Dog called Bobby)


Instruments: The only instrument we know that JP can play is the Guitar.



Music: (JP tends to love music which plays in above average bars and clubs i.e. house, as well as hinting several times he likes indie styles. Clubbing music is notoriously difficult to identify because the songs have limited lyrics and normally remain popular only within the confides of the clubs/bars i.e. they don't make it into the top 40. Thus the following list is limited and no way supposed to be extensive;) Spiritchaser, The Scratch Perverts, ADF, Judge Jules, The Lighting Seeds, The Twang, Spice Girls etc


TV: Prison Break, LOST, (although he mentions the following shows in a snarky way, explaining to Spike his sisters made him watch them, it should be noted JP has his own TV and a McQueen has never been able to make another McQueen do something he or she didn't want to do) Bad Girls, Desperate Housewives, Friends, Joey, Ugly Betty


Movies: Brokeback Mountain, Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption


Sports: JP's main sport, which he both watches and plays is football, he supports Liverpool FC, he also played pool on a regular basis in The Dog with Craig, Hannah and Sarah. JP has a punch bag with some boxing gloves in his room, which he uses from time to time


Food: Popcorn, Pizza.


Drink: Cherryade, Larger, Coffee, Tea, Beer.


Fashion: Most of JP's clothes tend to reflect typical student wear, threads from River Island, Top Man, The Officers Club, Envy and Burtons have all been spotted by fans


A Level Grades:

English: B

General Studies: B

History: B

Sociology: A

(This was JP's A level results. As a general rule A levels follow this arrangement; it's a two year full time course at a sixth form/college, the first year you sit exams called "AS"'s which count for a little under half of the final A level grade. The second year exams are called "A2"'s, the results of both are combined to give a average overall grade. Typically points are applied to the grades at A level; A = 120, B = 100 and so on. An AS grade will be half of its A2 counterpart because its only half an A-level i.e. A= 60, B= 50 etc. The points are then used for acceptance into university's i.e. they might be looking for 280 UCAS points from at least 3 A Levels.

Normally a student will take on four AS's and an optional general studies course, in the second year most students drop one of the four subjects and focus on three and possibly general studies. Which in this instance JP did. It's never made know if his AS's included a fifth subject which he later dropped).


Degree: We know Katy is doing English Literature, and because JP is in her classes we have to assume he is doing that also. It's not known at present if he is doing a joint/major/minor in that subject.

Comments on 7th of March 2008 give us something else to work on... Kris asks JP if "Liam from Psychology" is the guy he fancies, fairly obviously it implies that JP actually know's Liam from psychology in order to pass judgment. It's a guess, but both Sociology and Psychology have similar links, so not completely unbelievable to assume JP knows Liam from Psychology because he has lectures with him.

(The above assumes that JP is following a typical British student approach to university study, in that you often do two different subjects, one is your "major" and the other your "minor" or in some case the two are "joint", there is lots of variety in further education and its unlikely Hollyoaks will ever make it clear as they have failed to do it with every other character before him)



Random: JP's mobile number thanks to Craig. Has anyone tried to ring it?



Dublin: During November 2008 we find out thanks to Craig that JP is now a DJ in local clubs with a regular night. They are still together but finding it tough a) with the horrors Niall has inflicted on the McQueens and b) with the "gay thing".




(see also JP's Room and John Paul McQueen for more general info about JP)








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