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Various Dates = We normally put a date, when a certain event has occurred, in brackets after we talk about it, this is essentially to give strength to what we are saying and lets you, the reader, check it out if you dare to doubt us, although we are a fun site we do try where we can to be truthful and factual. When we use "Various dates" instead it's normally when we say something that even the basic JP fan would not have a problem with and thus doesn't need to be checked i.e. "JP works as a part time DJ in the Loft"























St Charles Church


St Charles Church inviteSt Charles Church is almost certainly the church where all the McQueen weddings have taken place (Various) it's Myra's local church and where Father Kieron is based.


Church goers have declined over the years... and Myra and Kieron agree to hand out flyers promoting the Church (January 28th, 2008), the leaflet sounds more like a threat than an invitation "Don't Risk Hell", but with the soap's multiple controversial storylines its likely deliberate.


JP confesses his sins to Kieron in an attempt to win him back (May 8th, 2008). The McQueens attend Steph and Max's wedding (June 26th, 2008) just before Myra shouts off at Kieron for having sex with her boy.











Hollyoaks VilliageChester is the fictional suburb where Hollyoaks is set. Chester is a real place, Hollyoaks is not. It's the place where everything JP related pretty much takes place.














(The) CockPit



(JP reveals he and Carmel went to this music venue to watch ADF perform in 2006. Spike reveals he was also there. 16/04/07)


The Cockpit opened in 1994, and was previously called the Cock of the North pub.

Rancid, Reef, Placebo, Kula Shaker, Mansun, Embrace, Death in Vegas, Feeder, Backyard Babies, Elastica, Queens Of The Stone Age, Less than Jake, New Model Army, The Music, White Stripes, The Hives, Korn, At The Drive-In, Cornershop, Shed 7, Paradise Lost, Ash, Mercury Rev, Boy George, Cast, and Coldplay have all played there.












(The) Dog (in the pond) The Dog Jan 08


The Dog as it's normally referred to, is home to the Dean's and Osbournes, it also features heavily during the JP and Craig era. On September 8th 2006, The Dog was caught in an explosion and the bar was destroyed in the fire. Several months later, The Dog has since been re-built and re-opened with a new look. Memorable scenes; The re opening of The Dog (November 10th, 2006), Craig hits JP when he thinks he is after Sarah (December 27th, 2006), JP makes it up to Hannah with a fun day as a couple, Hannah falls into the lake outside the Dog and they go back to hers and have sex again (January 24th, 2007). Spike and John Paul outside the dogJP and Craig change into their Dance off Ball suits after a macho game of Pool (5th of February), the first time we clap eyes on Spike (Tom Vaughan) (March 25th, 2007), JP and Spikes First date (April 9th, 2007), The DJ competition, where Spike and JP share their first kiss, then make out so everyone else see's (April 13th, 2007). JP and Craig make plans to dump Spike and Sarah and be together honestly (June 27th, 2007), JP is desperate to get a letter back from Frankie when he writes how he A Xmas text from Craig brings strange feelings to JP's groinhas been sleeping with Craig (July 23rd, 2007). The Classic Romeo and Juliet Scene outside Craig's bedroom window (August 10th, 2007), the last we ever see of Spike (August 16th, 2007). The engagement party and when Sarah (and everyone else in the village) finds out about JP and Craig (September 6th, 2007). Myra and Frankie talk about their sons being together (September 18th, 2007). JP get's a Christmas text from Craig while he and his family are enjoying a Christmas eve drink (December 24th, 2007). JP is introduced to Robin here (January 22nd, 2008). After Kieron and JP sleep together for the first time Kieron retreats here for solace and to confess to Kris about what he has just done (April 1st, 2008), Kieron talks things through over a bottle of white wine.


Outside the Dog, after missing Craig...JP and Kieron are sitting outside, enjoying a drink and talking about their futures when Myra spots them, still sore with them being a couple she shouts at Kieron (July 16th, 2008).


After Craig returns the lads end up in here after the tour of the village. Outside they hug as friends/ex lovers, either way Kieron see's it differently and gets angry (September 2nd, 2008). Craig waits for JP when he gives him a deadline for going away to Dublin together (September 18th, 2008), JP is being poisoned by Niall at the time so misses the meeting but arrives here and hurries off to the station when Darren tells him he has already gone (September 19th, 2008).











Local convenience store that sells everything as long JP buys gay porn from drive and buyas it is in stock. Most popular brand being "Banana Bongo" flakes. The shop is family owned, and until mid-2006 was owned by Max Cunningham who inherited it from his late father. Max sold to Neville Ashworth and his family, Neville invested in the shop with his family, who he hoped would take turns working there. JP can be seen shyly looking and eventually buying a gay magazine (May 8th, 2007) in the hopes it will prepare him for sex with Spike, Jake Dean also confronts JP shortly after Craig leaves for Dublin claiming his feelings were just a phase and Craig has already moved on (September 27th, 2007). On a dare JP goes into the shop and buys a four pack of beer, with only his boxers and fake tan for company (February 22nd, 2008).











Dublin is mentioned often during the JP and Craig 2007 era essentially because of the University of Dublin AKA Trinity College .It's where Craig wants to end up after completing his A-Levels (This is mentioned constantly over the year), it's where he and Sarah plan to get a flat, and it also becomes the retreat for Craig and JP when their affair is exposed and they decide to start a new life somewhere fresh (September 14th, 2007). It's also the destination Craig heads to when he and JP part ways (September 20th, 2007). Craig gives JP an open invitation to come up and see him in the new year (December 25th, 2007).


Craig returns from Dublin to see his family, and maybe run into JP (September 2008). The boys head back to Dublin on the 19th of September 2008. Together.


A month later and after Niall abducts JP and forces him back to Chester for a night of terror, JP heads back to Dublin again to escape what's left behind (October 20th, 2008).


During November 2008 we find out thanks to Craig that JP is now a DJ in local clubs with a regular night.










St Eustace Church


The McQueen Church Disaster



St Eustace Church is a disused church close to the village of Chester, it's also where Niall was abandoned by a 14 year old Myra when she had to give him up.


The McQueen's are all held hostage in St Eustace Church by The Church Blowing upNiall/Matthew when he reveals to all who he really is. Myra is asked 6 questions by Niall for each one she gets wrong she must pick a child to die, answering only two questions correctly she is forced to save the lives of Michaela, because she is the youngest and Tina, because she has a child. Before anything can happen Jack, Darren, Tony and Dom arrive at the church, ruining Niall's plan, he blows everyone (including the church) up instead (October 16th, 2008).


The majority of the McQueen's along with Dom and Niall end up in the basement when the floor gives way. Tina dies in Dom's arms. Everyone else including Niall get out of the church alive, his ghostly reflection on the back of an ambulance door watching the rest of the McQueen's grieve... (October 17th, 2008).













Carmel McQueen, Frankie Dean and Niall Rafferty work(ed) here, its a beauty salon and has very little to do with JP, although conversations have taken place here regarding JP and Craig (various dates).













Flat (Niall's)



Niall rents this flat and Kieron lodges with him (various). JP and Kieron are caught out when the come out of the bathroom in only towels to face Niall and Steph (May 16th, 2008), a few days later JP goes around to try and make things up with Kieron only to get dumped in heartache, meanwhile Michaela is actually taping their conversation and struggles to believe that the pair are a item (May 20th, 2008). JP moved into the flat after Myra essentially kicks him out for choosing Kieron over her (June 30th, 2008), Niall suggests making it more of a permanent arrangement (July 14th, 2008). Kieron returns and the JP in the flatpair work things out (July 15/16th, 2008). JP proposes to Kieron in the flat when JP says vocally how much he loves him and knows how much Kieron has given up to be with him (July 24th, 2008).


Kieron calls off the engagement in the flat after things with Craig, and JP being unable to commit to a firm date to get married causes a huge amount of doubt in both their minds (September 3rd, 2008).


JP finds Kieron dying on the floor and eventually dies in his arms after his drug overdose (September 8th, 2008).


In the weeks after Kieron's death JP spends his time here, not changing the bed clothes just so Kieron's smell isn't washed away (September 17th, 2008).


Niall decides that JP leaving to be with Craig is a very bad idea and tries to kill his half brother off too (Septemeber 18th, 2008), but the plan fails, JP escapes and goes to be with Craig (September 19th, 2008).








Flat (The DOG)



Craig; "Are you gay mate? Because my teds not"This flat is above The Dog Pub, and the Dean clan live here many of the JP/Craig scenes feature here. After the boys first fight seriously, JP goes around to see Craig who is mending his bike and they make amends (January 8th, 2007), Craig asks JP outright if he is gay (January 31st, 2007). Early February and JP and Craig are pretending everything is OK as they change into their suits for the dance type formal/ball (February 5th, 2007), the pair are almost caught in the act by Jack in August 07 (August 14th, 2007), and a month later they are caught by Sarah, she then reveals the secret to everyone (September 6th, 2007). Craig and JP tell the Dean family about their relationship (September 13th, 2007).








Flat (Student)


The student flat is where JP lived for five weeks at the start of the 2007 September term. He shared the flat with the other students; Elliot Bevan, Zoe Carpenter, Kris Fisher, Jessica Harris and Zak Ramsey. When Elliot returned back home and reclaimed his room, JP had no choice but to return home, but not before a flatwarming party where he and the rest of the party guests were almost killed.


JP is still friends with most of the flatmate's (various).
















Hannah's House (Ashworths)



Much of the early awkward parts of JP and Hannah's relationship takes place here, many conversations are held in her bedroom. JP is invited around by Hannah under the ruse of a double date (November 29th, 2006) but its ruined when Nancy turns up wanting to talk about her boyfriend instead, eventually, after getting rid of Nancy, JP and Hannah make it into her room but rather than have sex they just cuddle. Almost a month later and they try again, but both are so nervous and make embarrassing mistakes, Hannah and JP in her roomsuch as bra trouble and knocking over lighted candles, they give up and JP goes home (December, 18th, 2006). In Early 2007 they do eventually have sex in Hannah's room, after a day out which ends with Hannah falling into the pond at The Dog (January 24th, 2007).


Hannah's house houses her 18th Birthday party, and JP coming out to Craig (January 25th and 26th, 2007).


JP doesn't have a proper interaction with Hannah in her house again until September 2007, when he goes around to try and make amends after leaving Craig at the airport. The stress coupled with hannah being so weak ends in her having a panic attack. Sarah throws him from the Ashworths (September 21st, 2007).


The last time JP is at the house is during a evening booty call, when he goes round to talk to Hannah about their history together and their futures as friends (April 1st, 2008).









HCC (Hollyoaks Community College )


HCC is the local college/university, it houses the student halls of residence, as well as the flat JP once lived.









Everyone is worried at the HospitalThe local hospital, thankfully, is not a regular haunt for any of the McQueen's, although between them they clock up a fair amount of NHS man hours. (October 12th, 2007) JP is here recovering from carbon Monoxide poisoning, and checking on Katy. Again the McQueen's are forced to the hospital when Michaela overdoses on heroin (February 1st, 2008), and everyone assumes she is a smack head. JP goes with Nancy to see baby Charlie when he finds her shacked up in Washed Up crying about not being able to see him, and persuades her to not give up and fight Jake (March 11th, 2008).


JP and the rest of the McQueen's come together when Niall pushes Tina down the stairs and she goes into premature labour giving birth to baby Max (July 2nd, 2008).


After Niall's reign of terror at St Eustace Church the battered and bruised McQueen's along with Tina's body come here to recover. In the hall way JP says goodbye in turn to each of his sisters and mum before heading back to Dublin (October 20th, 2008).















Is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 km off the coast of Spain, The island of Ibiza is well-known for its summer club parties which attract large numbers of tourists. And that in itself gives us a good reason why JP wants his and Kieron's Honeymoon to be there (August 26th, 2008).







Il Gnosh


Latest incarnation of the local cafe, currently pitching itself at the cosmopolitan Il GnoshEurophile rather than denizens of the greasy spoon. Formerly Gnosh Village (pronounced vil-arzh). Sometimes informally called just Gnosh, Tony (and perhaps one day Jacqui) own it. The gang regularly hang out here for a cup of coffee or the odd lunchtime treat (various dates), JP and Spike also have their first date here (April 10th, 2007). JP works here when Tony is short staffed, mainly because Jacqui bullies him into it (March 10th, 2008).


JP and Kieron are eating here when he overhears Mandy and Louise taking about The Loft losing money, its here he gets his brainwave for the "Gay Night" at the club and goes to pitch his idea to Warren (July 22nd, 2008). The McQueen's hold baby Max's naming ceremony here, where each of the McQueen's add a contribution to a video of the day. Baby Max gets a sovereign "Chav" ring (July 24th, 2008).












John Paul's Room



JP's room is designed to reflect his changing attitudes, personality and age. It alters it's appearance frequently with only the bed and musical themes remaining consistent. It was designed to reflect a typical teenage boy's room i.e. cluttered and had a more youthful feel to it, this notion is still present even today, a mix of his age and possible McQueen laziness.


A Craig Playing Music With JP?series of LP's flipped over and stuck to his wall in different arrangements make an effective and unique statement about his love of music, they, like the "Mighty Red's" banner, move around the room regularly and are frequently seen in scenes which take place in the bedroom (various dates). Before JP came out the room was very "straight" Give way road sign logos and simple relevant posters were present but on the whole the room was pretty empty although cluttered with DVD's there was no focus.


Clearly this was done on purpose by the writers, probably to suggest that being gay was part of JP's personality which was suppressed and by him coming out and being truthful to everyone he was able to express himself in new ways as well as old, and mix the styles flawlessly and without issue. In later weeks the room changed from simple to interesting, with different elements merging, i.e. ladish pictures of liverpool football players and then more erotic material with males in stylish shots (March 10th, 2007) Hannah notices as does Craig when he comes around and is confronted by a brand new Brokeback Mountain poster on his wall (March 13th, 2007). None of the other McQueen's make reference of JP's redesigns other than Mercy who has supposedly "borrowed" JP's magazines from under his bed (December 26th, 2007) and Michaela who plots a takeover when JP moves in to halls (November 9th, 2007).


The room although coated with an innocent feel, its seen a lot of mature sexual action. JP and Hannah lose their virginity on his bed (December 19th, 2006), JP and Spike have sex for the first time (May 9th, 2007), and Craig regularly goes around to be with JP (various dates), JP almost has sex with Jay (October 3rd, 2007) but is stopped when he finds Tina and Dom doing it in his bed instead.


JP's room enlarged


At the start of 2008 JP's room gets suddenly tidy and sports a mini redesign, the desk, decks and bed stay put but we get to see in more detail a small hidey hole where JP stores his punch bag and cosmetics (January 9th, 2008) as well as the clutter feel of posters and randomly spread out belongings becoming more organised. The other side of the room next to the window has a set of shelves which are full with neatly stacked folders, likely containing uni work and possible A-Level notes as well as several trophies.


JP's room with red folders and a little section of make up etcJP's room, another angle, another view


Father Kieron stays in JP's room for several weeks when he moves in (various), while JP moves into his sisters room. JP and Kieron have a huge fight when he pushes him to reveal to Myra he is gay, Kieron refuses and angrily shouts that JP has no idea what his life is like and needs to leave the issue alone, JP agrees to let it drop and the pair make up (January 29th, 2008). JP and Kieron have sex here for the first time, when the pair are snoozing, Kieron leaves (April 1st, 2008).


John Paul doesn't offically come back here and Michaela is reluctant to give up her new room when he and Kieron split up (September 4th, 2008), but he does sleep with Craig on the 5th of September, and the room is still covered with all JP's style; posters etc. JP and Myra have a final heart to heart on his old bed (September 19th, 2008).
















(The) Loft



The The Loft Loft is the local club, frequently changing hands but now owned and managed by Warren Fox. For the most part JP doesn't often spend time here socially, generally because he hasn't long been 18. There are some noticeable exceptions, on the 6th of October 2006, JP and Sonny faced off in a DJ style competition to see who would win the prestigious role of in house DJ, JP won hands down. A few months later JP and Craig have a night out (January 10th, 2007) in the Loft, which results in JP almost telling Craig how he is starting to feel out his friend, a drunk Craig misses the subtle undertones completely and is saved by JP when Sonny and Justin decide to pick a fight.


Although JP might not hang out here for fun, he does have a fairly regular source of income from working here as a DJ (various dates). In July 2008 he throws one stone and archives a great deal, 1) Suggests a gay night in order to bring in much needed revenue for club which is losing money over the Summer now the local students have gone home 2) Get's himself a "shed load of cash" in commission for his idea and 3) Get's Kieron motivated to do something outside of the Church after not having much luck with the job hunting. July 25th is the first "Shirt Lofters" night at the club.














The McQueen's live at 26 Leigh Road, McQueen House from the outsidebeing home base for JP there are frequent and regular events, not least because of (perhaps) the most important room; JP's Bedroom (His room scenes etc are explored in that entry), nonetheless the rest of the house has equal important with a huge variety of interactions with members of his family (various dates), some of the key dates and events; Hannah comes to meet the family after she and JP sleep together (December 20th, 2006), JP comes out to Myra while the sit around the kitchen table (February 8th, 2007), the special hollyoaks at night episode heavily features the McQueen house (February 19th, 2007), the gang revise and talk about JP's new found sex life, much to Craig's annoyance (May 8th, 2007).


On the 16th of May, Craig goes A typical McQueen Partyaround and a hugely emotional scene in the kitchen develops, before Craig kisses JP and they go upstairs to make love, JP and Craig can be a couple in private (July 31st, 2007) and even play indoor Bunny Cricket throughout the entire ground floor (August 10th, 2007). The McQueen's throw Niall a birthday party where he secretly invites gatecrashers and takes the opportunity to give his half sister an overdose (January 31st, 2008).


In the kitchen on the 2nd of April 2008, JP tells Kieron their relationship isn't worth the problems it will cause, admitting he does not love him like he did Craig, Kieron is devastated and later moves out of the McQueen's.


When JP and Kieron call off their engagement, JP moves back home (September 3rd, 2008).


Myra holds her own remembrance service for Kieron in the front garden (September 17th, 2008).











The M.O.B.S with nasty looking picnic chairsnon-alcoholic juice bar run by Max Cunningham and Sam "O.B." O'Brien. It was formerly the Octagon which Tony Hutchinson had owned as part of Il Gnosh, until the two had bought it off him calling it M.O.B.S by mixing their names together, it attracts a lot of health conscious customers, including students, JP no exception. He is sitting outside recounting the horrors of living with the other students in the flat to Katy Fox just before they decide they have been a bit cold to JP and throw him a housewarming party (October 9th, 2007), JP is also enjoying a smoothie when Elliot decides they need to do more radio hijacking and persuades JP to help him out again (January 10th, 2008).


JP and Kieron have their first major blow out when he tells Kieron he wants to slow things down. In the aftermath of Kieron leaving the table it's then that JP spots Craig, freshly returned from Dublin. Their eyes meet and its McDean once more (September 2nd, 2008).

































Skate park


The skate park is the local hang out spot (to be fair its ben hardly used at the time of writing this so we don't know who hangs out here) JP comes here after being kicked out of the house by Myra. Craig tries to talk to him again but is pushed away by JP telling him they can't have a future after Kieron (September 8th, 2008)









Skegness PostcardSkegness is a real place on the east coast of England, because it was one of the first holiday resorts in the UK, it's name today is often used as a joke when talking about people planning their summer holidays. Essentially for any young uns its totally unfashionable, and for older generations its a mecca for "the good times", Kieron goes here on some church work at the start of March, and kindly sends JP back a postcard (March 5th, 2008).








SU Bar


The SUThe Student Union bar is the more glam alternative to The Dog, its brighter and has a more modern and student feel.


In the early days this place is largely avoided because of the gang being underage and unlike the Dog doesnt have owners who can turn a blind eye.


The first time JP is propely in the SU is when he goes to meet Russ from work before they go off to a semi local Gay bar (Feburary 27th, 2008). June 2007 has several days when the gang are out with older people (Spike, Melissa etc) and they hang out at the SU, Craig's birthday gathering is also here. Sarah gives him a watch which JP uses as an excuse to touch him under the pretence of admiring the gift (June 25th, 2008).


Katy and JP start their friendship here (Septemeber 27th, 2007), JP in the fashion show at the SUas do JP and Jay (October 3rd, 2007) and JP and Toby (March 5th, 2008). JP and Robin explore their relationship here, (its also where it ends) (Janurary 2008), as do JP and Kieron when they share their first kiss after helping to clean up after a wash out fashion show (Feburary 21st, 2008).


Kieron also had a job here as a bartender (August, September 2008). The bar also plays host to a varied number of social activities, i.e. pool completions, LGBT rights conventions and as mentioned above, fashion shows.


Craig and JP have a drink here towards the end of their time in Chester, they talk about what's happened in the past and what the future holds. Craig slips a one way ticket to Dublin into JP's pocket why they are hugging goodbye (September 17th, 2008).















Is a country in East Africa bordered by Kenya and Uganda on the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique on the south. To the east it borders the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately unlike South Africa which has legal gay marriage this country does not, and still imposes harsh penalties on homosexuality. Kieron's desire to spend parts of his and JP's honeymoon in the country helping out are a little hard to swallow, especially when he wants to help out in a charitable aspect by building a school (August 26th, 2008).







The Church



The Church we learn from Kieron after he goes for a job interview (July 22nd, 2008) is something quite different from pews and alters, mainly because of the human sized cages and lots of shiny poles. The Church is Chester's local strip/pole dancing club (which of course we never see, because that would be wrong at 7 in the evening).









(See Dublin)



















Washed Up


Washed Up, March 2008

Washed up is owned by the Barnes' and is the villages one and only laundrette, the McQueen's have their own washing machine but it doesn't stop them going there from time to time. JP and Craig are on their way he to do some washing shortly after their affair is revealed (September 14th, 2007), JP finds Nancy on one of the seats crying over Charlie, he comforts her and the pair tentatively make up (March 11th, 2008).





























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