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(first words)
JP: If you are looking for the way out this isn’t it
Craig: What?
JP: Weren’t you supposed to leave last year?
Craig: Do I know you?
JP: No idea





Craig: Is he a McQueen?
Some random girl who may be Nicole: Who.. John Paul? Yeah.
Craig: That’ll explain why he’s a weirdo





Craig: …all these idiots who think setting off a fire alarm is a right laugh.
JP: Maybe the idiot was just trying to watch your back – you ever thought of that?
Craig: What?
JP: [Michela] must have already left
Craig: Hold on, what did you say. Hold on. Wait, was it you?
JP: You can get kicked out for pulling a stunt like that
Craig: Tell me
JP: I saw Sonny follow you inside, Justin went in after him. It wasn’t shaping up to be a fair fight
Craig: Thanks
JP: You know for someone who says he just wants to keep his head down, you do a pretty good job of drawing attention to yourself




(JP has just saved a drunk Craig from being beaten up by Justin and Sonny)
Craig: You’re my hero.
JP: You don’t understand why I’m doing any of this do you…Craig I nearly lost it back there because I couldn’t bear the thought that someone might have hurt you.
Craig: I’d have done the same for you, because we’re mates.
JP: you don’t see anything do you.
Craig: Like what?
JP: Craig, I have to look after you because…
Craig:..we’re brothers! Come here. (puts arm round JP)
JP: No this is wrong…Just don’t touch me. (walks away)




JP comes clean

JP: … You really wanna know?
Craig: Yes.
JP: Why I think you should split up with Sarah?
Craig: Yes. Yes I do.
JP: Its because I’m jealous. Alright. Whenever I watch you with her… it kills me. Because I wanna be the one you're laughing with, going home with.
Craig: What?
JP: When I’m not with you I think about you all the time, and when I am with you I feel like my heart's gonna burst. I’m in love with you. I’m in love with YOU!
(JP runs off)





(The school dance, JP and Craig are both drunk)
Craig: You know what? I don’t care if you’re gay.
JP: What?
Craig: If you’re gay! I don’t care
JP: Keep your voice down.
Craig: I’m not ashamed.
JP: You’re not the one who’s going to get queer bashed.





Myra: Talk to me John Paul. I’m you’re mum, I hate that there are secrets between us. Do you like other boys?
JP: Mum!
Myra: I’m only saying! I’m just trying to understand. The only posters you’ve got in your bedroom are of Steven Gerrard and Flabbia Gonzo.
JP: My favourite footballers mum.
Myra: Ok, so you don’t like other boys then?
JP: No.
Myra: Whatever it is love, just say it.
JP: I think, I have, I have got feelings for Craig.




Jacqui comes home to chaos

(Jacqui is annoyed that her “coming out of jail” party isn’t ready)
Myra: Look Jacqui, there is a reason we’re a bit behind.
JP: It’s my fault Jacq.
Jacqui: Why?
Michela: Well, lets just say you’re not the only one to come out today.





JP: I thought it went like this, boy meets girl, but girl likes a different boy, unless of course you’re Mercedes in which case everybody loves you, simple!





Sonny: Even your bird knows you’re a gay.
JP: So what if I am?
Sonny: So you admit it? Your gay?
JP: And if anyones got a problem with it I’ll knock em out.





JP: My own sister can’t stand the sight of me
Mercedes: Is that what you think?
JP: Yeah
Mercedes: Alright, well if I hate you that much then answer me this – why have I spent all morning traipsing round for these? (gives tickets to JP)
Myra: Dolly Parton!
Tina: Oh no
JP: I’ll kill her.




Spike: I’ve got a thing for DJ’s.
JP: Well you must love yourself then.
Spike: Blonde, blue eyed DJ’s. There’s one in particular who I can’t stop thinking about. And I want to kiss him, very much, but I’m not sure he’ll let me.
JP: He will.
Spike: You think?
(JP nods and then kisses Spike)





JP: .. wait til you meet my sisters.
Spike: Was that an invitation?
JP: More of a threat really.





(Spike is attempting to meet Mercedes, much to John Paul’s annoyance)
JP: Just sit down alright?
Spike: Why don’t you make me? (pushes him playfully)
JP: Oh its like that is it? (pushes back)
Spike: yeah.
(JP grapples and pushes Spike onto his bed ending up on top of him)
Spike: So what we gonna do now we’re stuck here?





Myra: Hello, nice to meet you. You must be Spoke.





Craig: We’re going to watch this DJ in town – McNugget
(John Paul and Spike burst into laughter)
Spike: Its M.C Nugget




JP: I wanted him and he didn’t want to know.
Spike: That’s the problem with straight men, they can be so inconsiderate.
JP: I’m just trying to let you know whats going on – why are you being so difficult?
Spike: I want you to be up front with me.
JP: Alright you want up front? I’ve never felt like this for anyone before. Hows that for up front?
Spike: That’s pretty serious. I don’t do serious (puts headphones on)
JP: But you do jealous don’t you. Spike. Spike!?
(JP turns the music off)
Spike: You do that again and I’ll floor you.
(Spike then snogs JP passionately)





JP: Craig, mates don’t get jealous of boyfriends, yeah jealous.
(Craig says nothing)
JP: Tell me you’re not..
Craig: You used to fancy me… when do you stop.
JP: What?
Craig: When did you get over me?

Craig: How can you make yourself stop loving someone? I mean you said you loved me.
JP: I did. (pause) I do.
Craig: Do or did?

Craig: Do you love [Spike]
JP: Not as much as I love you.
(craig starts to move in on JP)
JP: Craig. Craig.. Don’t
Craig: I can’t stop thinking about you.
JP: Craig. Craig.
Craig: I want you (kisses JP)





(RE; JP having sex with Spike)

Craig: Did it feel wrong?

JP: No. It felt... wonderful.





(after JP and Craig have had sex)
JP: How did that happen eh? I’ve dreamt about that for a long time you know. You haven’t got to rush off alright, there’s not going to be anyone back for ages.
Craig: Get your hands off me – faggot!





Frankie: Are you still seeing Spike?
JP: Yeah – I didn’t know you cared.
Frankie: I care about all Craig’s friends, love.
JP: Is it cos you’re concerned I’ll turn him into a raging homo?
Nancy: John Paul!
Frankie: I think we can say you’ve already failed at that, can’t we.





(John Paul’s letter to Frankie)
I want to tell you a secret. But first I’m gonna tell you why. Because a secret’s just a lie under a different name. And I’ve lived a lie. I know the pain and the damage that can be caused from hiding the truth.
You see secrets can be dangerous things. Even when you think you are doing it for the right reasons, to protect someone you care about. Secrets can pull you apart. And then you can never forget the look of disappointment, of betrayal, in the eyes of someone you love. Or the feeling that no matter what the motive, the depth of that hurt will never go away.
You don’t know the impact of a secret until its too late, how far the fallout will carry, how many casualties there’ll be. Or even recognising how a secret can infect you, what you say, what you think, til its almost too late – right up to the point where you have to ask “who am I?”.
Well that ones simple. I’m the boy who’s sleeping with your son. I love Craig which is why I can forgive him for hurting Sarah. And I’m pretty certain he loves me too. I’m sorry that this is how you have to hear about it. That your precious son hasn’t got the guts to tell you himself. That he’s part of a world that you wish didn’t exist, but well that’s the thing about secrets – once out they can change everything - just like that.






(John Paul has telephoned during Sarah and Craig’s evening together and Sarah has answered the phone)
Sarah: What you trying to do? Steal my boyfriend!
JP: What! Sarah?
Sarah: Should I call the police – tell them you’re stalking us.





Craig: What am I – your auntie?





Craig: Its 10-7 to me and there is no way I’m losing the next set which will make it 3-1 to me and game over.
JP: Just bowl the bunny yeah?





Spike: I think [Jack] would have keeled over and died if he knew who you were actually in bed with.
Craig: What are you on about?
Spike: He’s cute and you make a nice couple.
Craig: You’re out of your head. I don’t know what you’re talking about
Spike: Yeah I must be cos I could have sworn I saw you and John Paul getting cosy earlier





Craig: I did what you said. I stayed away.
JP: Yeah.
Craig: Did it help?
JP: No not really.





Sarah (with Craigs arm round her shoulder): Well Evan isn’t gay, I can tell.
JP: Gaydar working quite well then is it?





Sarah: What’s complicated about knowing right from wrong?
JP: Well knowing it and doing it are two completely different things.





Craig (to JP): It’s different with you, it’s not just about the sex. I love you. I love both of you.





Craig: This can’t stop – what we have between us.





Spike: I can spot [Craig’s] type when I see them.
JP: He loves me. He does and I know he’s going to Dublin with her but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my time with him while I still can.
Spike: I’m not having a go, I just want... I’m trying to protect you.
JP: Well I’m fine, alright. I know I’m just his... just his little secret but we love each other and maybe, maybe it will only be for a few weeks but that’s the way its going to have to be.
Spike: I’m on your side ok.
JP: Everythings fine, I’m happy ok. Please, please don’t spoil it for me.
Spike: Just make sure you don’t end up getting too hurt.





Steph: How is that my straight brother can get a boyfriend and I can't?

Jake: This isn't a joke, this is wrong!

JP: How can falling in love be wrong?





Jake: Well couldn't you try a little harder to be straight?

JP: What, you mean be miserable? Live a lie? Is that what you want for your brother?





Mercedes: He'll pull another bloke in the first week.

JP: He's not like you.

Myra: So he's a one man's man is he?

Craig: It's only ever been John Paul





Jake: Ashamed more like. And so you should be.

Steph: No he shouldn't! What's wrong with being gay?

Jake: It's not natural!

JP: It is for us.

Craig: It's not about being gay. It's about who you fall in love with.





Craig: Come on let's not make a big deal out of it.

JP: You're sleeping with me Craig. And in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a man. And in my books, that makes you gay.





(JP is stalking away at the airport after Craig refuses to kiss him in public)

Craig: John Paul!

JP: Leave me alone.

Craig: Where are you going?

JP: Home.

Craig: Come on, don't be daft! You're overreacting. You're just going to give up on us like that?

JP: I just needed you to do one thing.

Craig: How can you let this happen? You're just going to walk away?

JP: It's not like this happened over night is it? You had months to get your head around this.

Craig: I know it's been difficult.

JP: (Shouts the word:) Difficult? Do you have any Craig can't tell JP how he feels at the airportidea how many times you'd split up with Sarah? I mean, would we even be here now if she hadn't walked in on us?

Craig: Yes. Yes yes, of course.

JP: How can you be so sure?

Craig: I chose you.

JP: No. I forced you to choose. You see?! Even now, you can't bring yourself to hold me.

Craig: Please. We're going to go to Dublin!

JP: What? What's going to happen when we get to Dublin, eh? Is it going to be maybe when we're in our second year? Maybe when we graduate? I mean, when? You don't know who you are. I love you Craig. With all my heart. You've changed my life totally. Irreversibly. And I'm never ever going to forget you. But however much I love you. I know I deserve more. I'm sorry.

Craig: (It's doubtful JP Hears this bit as he is walking away) Don't leave me... John Paul...





JP's Phone: Merry Xmas. Miss You. Luv 2 CU in Dublin. X (from Craig)





Myra: Here. You reckon your a Trendy Wendy have a goggle at that (hands him a flyer)

JP: Ugh, I hope you don't work on commission.





JP: Did you get my message?

Robin: Yeah yeah

JP: So why didn't you call me then?

Robin: I just thought you'd be at home in a cupboard setting hail Mary's that's all (chuckles)

JP: Is that what's this about?

Robin: What?

JP: You giving me the brush off just cos we have a priest staying at ours.

Robin: No. I'm giving you the brush off cos I've had you. And it's his turn tonight (gives random dude a smile)





JP: Its just so much easier when your straight, the whole gay scene its just so -

Kieron: - Soulless?




JP: Will you be my boyfriend?

Elliot: I'm not a gay! We don't do that in Wales




JP: You're so nice and understanding. It drives me mad.

Kieron: What?

JP: I should be out having fun, getting lashed. Worrying about what I'm going to write for my next essay not writing my wedding vows.

Kieron: I said I'm sorry.

JP: Who gets married when they are 19!?

(This all said in a normal conversation and not a fight)






(Darren is babbling to stop JP and Craig going upstairs)

Darren: It must be great you two getting together again after all this time.

JP: Oh. No we -

Darren: Has he told you (points at Craig) about when he went for colonic irrigation in the Hindu Kush? Yeah, sent a whole email about it, pictures and the lot. And what about you eh? Teasing Catholic priests away from the church, living a life of sin. Thunderbolts at dawn.





(Darren, Newt and Craig are sitting on the SU steps talking)

Darren: (about Newt) He's an Emo. They don't really talk much.

Newt: Yeah. (To Darren) You talk too much. (Looks at Craig) Don't worry, you're safe. I'm on medication.





(JP is explaining to Myra and Michaela over breakfast why he is back at home)

Michaela: Yeah and Kieron was well dishy! Craig has a prune face.

JP: Yeah thanks. Thanks for your valuable input as always.





(JP is at Kieron's grave
JP at grave intercuts with the memorial the McQueens are having in their front garden
JP: Hi mate, I'm sorry I missed your funeral. It was Carmel's wedding day, usual McQueen Fiasco. You'd have loved it!
Michaela: I'll miss you father K, we all will. You were dead fit for a priest! We all fancied you when you arrived, even mum! But our JP is the lucky sod who got to have you.
JP: (crying) If you'd just talked to me, we could have found a way to get you through it. I never meant to hurt you Kieron, I just wish I'd had the chance to explain.
JP: I never meant to betray you, I love you, so much. I wanted to be with you in so many ways, but I guess something was missing. Its got to to be there from the start.
Michaela: You were a proper mate to all of us, and even though its sad and it hurts, I'm glad to say I knew you. I was proud to be your friend.
JP: I can't believe you'd take your own life because of me, you were stronger than that. I have to believe that to carry on. You were such a forgiving person Kieron, I hope you can forgive me. I love you, you rest easy yeah mate? You sleep tight. I guess this is goodbye.
Myra: Thank you Kieron, for showing me its never to late to put right the sins of the past. I'll always be grateful for that. You were such a kind and loving man, I could not have wanted better for my son, I know that now. And even though you took your own life, I hope your soul finds the peace it deserves. God bless ya.
I Love you John Paul McQueen says Craig(JP knelt by grave, deletes Kieron's number from the phone)





(Hannah Spots JP sitting by the village fountain)

Hannah: Oh there's John Paul!

Sarah: Oh great. Hannah, I thought we were talking about me?





Craig: I love you John Paul McQueen.

JP: Why wouldnt you?








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