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Various Dates = We normally put a date, when a certain event has occurred, in brackets after we talk about it, this is essentially to give strength to what we are saying and lets you, the reader, check it out if you dare to doubt us, although we are a fun site we do try where we can to be truthful and factual. When we use "Various dates" instead it's normally when we say something that even the basic JP fan would not have a problem with and thus doesn't need to be checked i.e. "JP works as a part time DJ in the Loft"





















Toby calls JP this on many occasions (5th and 6th of March 2008), it's a pet name nothing more. Although its likely a shout out to the song with the same name, its a deeply sexual music video with cream, hot chicks and cakes, the musical irony towards JP's interest is clear. But mostly we think it's just a extension of Toby's annoying personality.







Bad Girls


(JP tells Spike he has been forced to watch this show, amongst others, by his sisters 10/04/07)


Bad Girls is a serial drama set in a women’s prison, shown on ITV, unusually for this channel it featured heavy plots involving gay sexuality, both male and female.









Bi-curious is a term used to refer to someone who does not identify as bisexual or homosexual but feels or show some interest in a relationship or sexual activity with someone of the same sex. Steph is the only character to properly use this term to describe Craig's sexuality (September 18th, 2008).







Brokeback Mountain


Brokeback Mountain (2005) is Brokeback poster in John Paul's bedrooman oscar winning (controversial) film which tells the story of two cowboys who meet each other rounding sheep and fall in love. Problem is the love story takes place in Anti gay America, in a red neck area, in the 60's. The end is somewhat predictable, but it's a film that leaves the viewer with a strong and memorable aftertaste. It's a story that shows being gay isn't the crime its those who don't let it prosper and grow which causes the damage to not only those involved but society at large. As such it's been largely adopted as an important gay film that doesn't force social change but merely shows what happens, it's no surprise that as soon as JP has come out, he embraces the film with a huge poster (March 10th, 2007), he also makes a joke to Craig about them going off to look after sheep when he dumps Sarah (September 19th, 2007), the meaning is obvious to anyone who has watched the film and Craig plays the part of Ennis's acceptance "to be gay" perfectly. When he is thinking about Robin (January 25th, 2008) he again unwittingly references Brokeback, by picturing him and Robin in cowboy hats and making out.







Bunny Cricket


(JP and Craig play this game 10/08/07)


Bunny CricketA simple game which you can play in the house, two or more players, each take it in turn to hold a frying pan or similar shaped instrument and knock a stuffed animal such as a rabbit and attempt to move it as far as possible when the other player “bowls” it.











Colonic Irrigation



Colonic irrigation, also sometimes known as colonic hydrotherapy, is a procedure for removing waste and toxins from the bowel. Some of the waste products that colonic irrigation can remove include: impacted faeces (dried-up stools), dead tissue, and parasites and worms. Basically they (or you if you want to DIY it) shove a tube up your behind and shoot in a load of warm water, or coffee, which then gurgles out making you think you are taking a wee out of the wrong hole. Craig is a great fan according to Darren who wows JP with tales of Craig enjoying it so much he raves about it regularly in the letters he sends home as well as taking pictures (!!!!!!!!!!!) (September 2nd, 2008).












Desperate Housewives


(JP tells Spike he has been forced to watch this show, amongst others, by his sisters 10/04/07)


ABC Logo

A highly successful US Desperate Housewives drama based around the lives of several suburban housewives and their families. Despite the main creator being a gay man and on a pro gay network, the show features only a fraction of gay storylines fans were hoping for despite its satiric attitude which will naturally attract gay watchers. It’s thought his Republican (Conservative) political stance is a factor. Desperate Housewives is shown on Channel 4 and E4 in the UK


Matching SKY in it's quick showing of episodes after they've aired in the US, Desperate Housewives is only a few weeks or so behind the US showing.



Desperate Housewives (ABC site)



















Football was a regular theme between JP and Craig, both boys played it after completing school tryouts (October 9th, 2006), they were often seen about the school grounds with one of them carrying a ball as if they had spent their break playing (January 10th, 2007), they also talked often about their plans to travel to America to take part in a Football/Soccer camp (various dates), this was eventually scuppered by Craig making plans with Sarah to go on holiday (January 25th, 2007) later causing JP to become furious and fly off the handle at Hannah about a unimportant issue. Myra uses JP's like of Football to negate him being gay when he is coming out to her (February 8th, 2007), Jacqui uses a football/rugby analogy to perk JP up about him now being "out" by explaining that two men together is the most masculine thing she can think of (February 9th, 2007), Craig and JP come to blows during a football match when Sonny goads Craig into picking a fight with him (February 9th, 2007).









(JP tells Spike he has been forced to watch this show, amongst others, by his sisters 10/04/07)


A highly popular and successful US sitcom spanning 10 seasons (10 years) based around a group of New York “Friends”. It’s continually re-run on E4 and Channel 4.












Gay Sandwich

(Carmel makes and then tries to give this style of sandwich to JP - 26/02/07)



Created by Carmel for John Paul – although the exact ingredients are unknown this sandwich is notorious for having smooth lines (i.e. no crusts) and carrot flowers. The overall presentation is vital as image is so important for any self respected gayer. There have been threats from Carmel about serving further sandwiches with a gay friendly rainbow theme. Isn’t she the best sister in the world? (After Jacqui of course)







Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton is an Irish actor, comedian and television presenter. He is naturally camp, flamboyant and is well known in Britain as a fully honed cheeky, innuendo-laden joker. Darren supposedly keeps calling Craig this although we never see it said face to face so the context it would be used in is lost (September 18th, 2008). The only similarity to Craig is they both like males, but in a way the "joke" betters describes Darren's cheeky and sometimes camp side.












Hail Mary's



The Hail Mary is a traditional Christian prayer, praying for the Virgin Mary.


Used only when the religious storylines started to be rapped out, Robin tells everyone, in an attempt to be clever, that JP hides in a cupboard doing these (28th January 2008).









HCC football team



It's HCC's all star team full of jocks and soccer loving fans, JP naturally wants to join up and show off his amazing ball skills, and bring the macho straight only attitude into the 21st Century (November 8th, 2007).


















(JP tells Spike he has been forced to watch this show "both seasons", by his sisters 10/04/07)


A Friends spin off, featuring only Joey from the original cast. It didn't take partially well in the US, although both Channel 4 and Five competed for the rights to show it. Five won. Joey survived 2 seasons.







John Paul's Mobile Number



If you are the greatest, and slightly stalkerish fan of JP. You will love to have this in your phone wouldn't you? Well thanks to Craig now you can!


Craig's Mobile showing John Paul's Mobile number


But please pray that the phone networks never activate this number for some poor unsuspecting phone buyer. (BTW Who is "James"? Maybe its Craig's "fling" go on add him too, he might want a rebound)
















Liverpool FC


Liverpool Football Club or "The Mighty Reds" are the football team JP supports. Liverpool is rarely referenced in conversations but the support is made known through his choice of bedroom decoration, he has a large collection of memorabilia scattered throughout his room, from black and white photos of early players, several pull outs from football magazines to a large fabric banner which regularly changes from wall to wall.


(see also football and JP's Room)









(LOST is referenced on a regular basis; JP and Spike talk about Sawyer from Lost 9/04/07 Nancy says she’s rather stay at home and watch her LOST boxset than go to the dance off competition 6/02/07)


ABC Logo Currently in its fourth season, LOST took the world by storm with its premise and intricate style of storytelling. Telling the story of plane crash survivors on a deserted island. Both the survivors and the island hold dark connected secrets… LOST




LOST was shown on Channel 4 and E4 for its first two seasons, but was poached by SKY for its third when they attempted to drastically increase its market share by offering exclusive programming through its SKY packages.



















Nintendo LogoNintendo Company Ltd. Is a multinational corporation headquartered in Kyoto, Japan founded on September 23, 1889, its a huge company which spends and makes its money producing gaming software and hardware (i.e. Wii, Game Boy, and producing games which become legendary, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc) In 2007 Nintendo ranked 10th on the list of largest software companies in the world.


John Paul jokes that he loves his sisters and family until they pawn his Nintendo (September 18th, 2008), "Nintendo" can be used at anytime to describe the console currently being played, it can be used interchangeably and without aging so in this context JP might be joking about them selling his Wii in the future, or having actually sold an old console in the past.












One Swallow...


"One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy." This is quote from Aristotle who was a Greek critic and philosopher (384 BC - 322 BC). Frankie says the first line of this quote... in speculator error (September 13th, 2007), or did she? It's normally said to calm someone who is overcome with happiness about something which they believe will be followed by equal joy. i.e. Seeing a swallow fly by doesn't mean summer is just around the corner. The obvious suggestion towards oral sex was missed by few.


The second part of the quote, if we are to believe Frankie was pointing Jake towards the quotes full meaning, suggests she thinks that just because JP is making Craig happy on the surface it doesn't have to mean he is entirely happy with JP deep down.











Poison Party


A party which lived up to its name, originally thrown to celebrate JP moving in and Kris returning to HCC, however it ended up intoxicating all the party guests with carbon monoxide poisoning when Jess hired Danny on the cheap to fix their boiler, one by one they all passed out and would likely have died if Justin hadn't came to the rescue. The party was a hit until the vomiting started (October 11th, 2007).







Prison Break

Amaury Nolasco

Due to a political conspiracy an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out from the inside out. JP is a fan of this show and explains to Nancy he has been watching his boxset and crushing after the Wentworth Millers characters brother who is played by Dominic Purcell (September 5th, 2007). There is also a picture of Amaury Nolasco, on JP's room in the halls, who also stars in Prison Break (November 8th, 2007).







P.S I Love You


P.S I love You is a book by Cecelia Ahern and was later turned into a film, its about a young widow who discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life. Like JP does for Kieron, she spends the first few days/weeks grieving and ringing his phone constantly just to hear his voice on the phone's voicemail (September 17th, 2008).


















(Craig is "reading" this lad mags magazine one morning before school starts. JP sneaks up behind him and Craig pushes the center fold model into his face 10/01/07.

Sarah wins a modeling contract 1/6/07 and goes to the photo shoot with Hannah 4/06/07

Sarah features on the front cover 29/06/07)


It would seem the magazine is a total Hollyoaks fabrication no record of it ever existing can be found.







Romeo and Juliet

1. (JP goes to Craig's window at The Dog and throws small stones at it, Sarah looks up to Craig, who is now leaning out of the window talking to JP, and claims the situation is all very "Romeo and Juliet". 10/08/07)


2. (JP is talking to himself and pretending to tell his Mum about him and Kieron getting married. He describes themselves as star crossed lovers, and makes direct references to Romeo and Juliet. Once again its all directly linked with events to come. 27/08/08)


Is perhaps the most famous of all William Shakespeare plays, telling the story of two star crossed lovers, who ultimately end up dead because their families wont allow them to have a relationship. It's story is used consistently, both in general and in the media industry to emphasis the doomed love of characters or real life individuals. It's use is so well known, normally “Romeo and Juliet” only need be uttered for an implied meaning which can change the entire concept of the situation.













(The) Scratch Perverts


Scratch Perverts

(Craig brought tickets for him and JP to go watch them 16/04/07)


The Scratch Perverts are a collective of turntablist DJs from the UK, formed in 1996 by Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and DJ Renegade.They are generally acknowledged as some of the finest and most influential turntablists ever. They have contributed countless techniques and pioneered radical innovations in developing the skills and possibilities that can be achieved on a turntable.












Shawshank Redemption



The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 American drama film, written and directed by Frank Darabont, based on the Stephen King novella, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The film stars Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne and Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding. The film portrays Andy spending nearly two decades in Shawshank State Prison, a fictional penitentiary in Maine, and his friendship with Red, a fellow inmate. It continues to be hailed by critics and audiences alike, 15 years after its initial release, and is ranked among the greatest films of all time.


John Paul tells Hannah, when they are getting to know one another in his bedroom, that this is his favorite film although its "majorly flawed" in places. Hannah whole heartily agrees with him despite obviously never having watched it (November 27th, 2006).







Shirt Lofters (Lifters)



This is the name JP gives to his gay themed night at The Loft in July 08 (offical "opening"; July 25th) , its splashed over his fliers. A "Shirt lifter" is a term used (normally) to describe a gay man in a negative way, but out of all the terms that can be used this is one of the most vague. It supposedly suggests that gay men lift up their shirts to reveal and give access to their sexual regions. Obviously if we are talking human anatomy it just sounds bizzare and silly. (Perhaps we are wrong if anyone can shed light on the true meaning let us know!)









Snogfest 2007


The name given to the episode where JP takes Spike back to his room for the first time, they rough around then suck face, again and again. It's the first time in a UK soap that the amount of time didicated to gay kissing has occured, shocking... but no complaints from watchers (April 16th, 2007).








Spice Girls



The Spice Girls are a four-time BRIT Award-winning English pop group formed in Spice Girls changed the world1994. Consisting of Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, they are the UK's most successful all-female group. The girls were signed to Virgin Records and released their debut single, "Wannabe", in 1996. The song went on to spend seven weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart and helped establish the group as an "international phenomenon". They went on to release three studio albums and eleven singles, selling in excess of 55 million records worldwide and landing them the title for fastest selling girl group ever. With the "girl power" status they quickly became gay icons, which might explain why John Paul was dancing along to "Spice Up Your Life" in the McQueen Living room one afternoon in early May (May 1st, 2008). Carmel loves this band, several times in the run up to the wedding between her and Calvin Valentine she has this song playing in the background, and for the actual wedding she has "2 Become 1" beating out into the church (15th, 16th September, 2008).










Spiritchaser is a (real) "band" which is typical of JP musical interests (HOUSE), they have had limited popularity but produce songs which rock. JP raves about this artist and "U-Control" (extended mix 2006) plays for an extended period on his decks when he first has Spike up in his room and they fool around (April 16th, 2007). The song is rare but you can get it from the UK itunes store.







(The) Sopranos


(Spike tells JP he will be willing to lend him his boxsets of this show 10/04/07)


(HBO) A US drama based around an Italian mafia. Recently ended in the US and shown on Channel 4 and E4 in the UK.


The Sopranos (HBO site)







Saint Christopher


Saint Christopher is a Catholic Saint. There are several legends attributed to him, these include the story in which Christopher carries a small, yet almost unbearably heavy, child across a river. The child is later revealed to be Jesus Christ. It is this popular story from which Christopher became the patron saint of travelers. As a result his pendent or medal known as a "St Christopher" is one of the most recognised of all Christian symbol's in any country with has a predominantly Christian under current. The belief is that if someone wears one of these pendent's he or she will be protected when they travel. Craig has one which was given his by his sister Debbie, he loses it temporarily when he returns home in September 2008. Frankie finds it however and returns it to its owner (September 18th, 2008).







Star Wars


Star Wars is a Sci - Fi move that spans several episodes (or in reality movies) that chart the life adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia et al. It shouldn't be confused with Star Trek which is based on a different premise. JP is a blatant Star Wars fan, when he and Elliot discover that Jess has been playing around with his memorabilia ( November 8th, 2007) JP has too much Star Wars knowledge and banter for any layman.















Based on what knowledge we have we are currently concluding JP was born on the 18th of May 1989. Which makes him a Taurus, some people treat horoscopes as nothing more than folk lore, or nonsense, others see them almost as a form of guidance to a persons personality... we are such people. Descriptions of sun signs varies greatly, so below we sum up aspects of JP's personality with reference to his star sign.


The Taurus SignThe worst Taurean fault is possessiveness, and in turn jealously we see this a lot, never a better example than to use Craig and their relationship. JP was always against sharing Craig with Sarah (various dates), ruining his relationship with Spike, and then being the reason Sarah found out about the affair (September 6th, 2007). On the plus it's hopefully one of the reasons JP will never be a "player", Taurean's are just one of several of the 12 signs who are seen by others as the classic romantic, one of the most talked about aspects of JP's relationships with both Spike and Craig was his attention and caring attitude to his romantic interest, for example we were shown JP bringing Spike pizza in bed, and later his romantic wooing of Craig with the stone throwing (August 10th, 2007) and the desire to hug and generally be affectionate to Craig. We therefore think it would make no sense to show JP SERIOUSLY bed hoping, Jay/Toby seemed more of a convenience than anything JP really wanted to pursue (3rd of October 2007, 5th of March 2008)


This next bit we can't actually confirm, and can only draw on the pillow talk scenes (various dates) "Taurean lovers have a splendid attitude towards lovemaking and aim to give as much pleasure as they get. They impress their partners by being caring, considerate and cherishing".


Longer term and career wise we guess JP will follow Taurean rules and follow his ambitious instincts (JP's room has trophies stacked on one of his shelves, we don't know what they were for but displaying them shows pride, as well as going into further education support the notion of "ambition") (various dates, inc The DJ competition 6th of October 2006, and his exam results which were wondrous; 16th of August 2007)


The Taurean trait of being stubborn and "fixed", is mirrored in JP's attitude to so many things it would be difficult to argue otherwise. Again using the Craig era as an example, for most of it JP was fixated on becoming mutually exclusive with him, he will throw multiple strops when he actively disagrees with someone or something, rather than talking it out he essentially blows up (various dates).








The Twang


The Twang are a Indie/House/Punk music band from Birmingham which are typical of JP's music tastes. Like most fledging indie bands it was a chance front cover in NME (New Musical Express)that shot them to fame. During 2008 they are touring parts of the UK, generally universities. JP is chuffed to bits when he gets two tickets to go watch them play (January 17th, 2008), it's suggested he takes Hannah along. The Twang Offical Site








Trendy Wendy


Trendy Wendy Tells you to go suck it some place elseMyra calls JP this when she asks for his opinion on her and Father Kieron's flyers to promo religious indoctrination for St Charles Church, which has it's logo all over it and the text "Don't Risk Hell" Trendy Wendy is mean(January 28th, 2008). Trendy Wendy is a character owned by an American company called David and Goliath The company are notable for the slogans that they produce on some of their products, such as Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!. They produce this and similar shirts, with slogans such as "Boys are smelly", "Boys have cooties", and so on. Masculist-oriented groups claim that the shirts support anti-male sentiments, others feel that they encourage children to become participants in the battle of the sexes.


Your bag is so bad its crap fakeageTrendy Wendy is actually a bitch, mean, cruel with a fashion and style fetish and would only look out of place in a Mean Girl's film because she is a bit of a geek . (We think in the context it was used its doubtful Myra actually understood what she was referencing and merely said it because it rhymes, but who knows. JP/Trendy Wendy Comparisons anyone?)








Twelfth Night


(The gang are revising for an English exam, Twelfth Night is the play they are studying 8/5/07)


Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a comedy by William Shakespeare, named after the Twelfth Night holiday of the Christmas season. It was written in 1600 to 1601.












Ugly Betty


ABC LogoA US Ugly Betty. Sexycomedy drama. Betty works for a fashion magazine MODE as an assistant to editor in chief. The show generally revolves around Betty’s life.


Controversial in its storylines, which features regular gay themed episodes, illegal immigrants, ethnic minorities and a transsexual character. Although classed a comedy there are many thought provoking scenes with underlying messages.


Despite “boycotts” its comical approach allowed it to remain in mainstream TV, and become a ratings triumph. Channel 4, after losing LOST quickly picked up Ugly Betty even though only a few episodes had aired in the US at the time of rights negotiations.


Matching SKY in it's quick showing of episodes after they've aired in the US, Ugly Betty is only a week or so behind the US showing.


JP is a vocal fan of this show, firstly telling Spike he had been made to watch this show by his sisters (April 10th, 2007), and then making jibes about Michaela's choice of frock in an attempt to impress Father Kieron (January 10th, 2008), only someone who watches the show would be able to make reference to Betty's choice of (halloween) dress.















Religious priests take vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. This is something Father Kieron did, and throughout his storylines with JP he is torn between his faith and what it teaches and what his instinct and desires are crying out for (March 11th, 2008. Various dates).





























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