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This is Kiwi's page of stuff! Would she write a introduction to her page portal? Would she heck! Forced us to do the dirty work typing away while she stood over us with whip in hand and a promise of a slashing if it wasn't all nicely worded *Steads stops typing as she nurses a whacked hand, Knuxs takes over*


Actually we don't mind writing this introduction, because it's very little effort compared to the massive scale of work Kiwi has done for her love of Hollyoaks and John Paul and Craig Dean, she is a brilliant find among hundreds of so so's, which is quite obviously why she works with us in JPMQ towers, addiction is our most commonly shared trait! Over the pages you will find stacks of graphics, icons, avatars, wallpapers , etc, then some quality Kiwi style REAL Hollyoaks videos, and to round off her talent she even tries her hand at write up's. It's all wonderful stuff which we now present to you, Madam Bowlock regularly tells us all she will go far and I'm sure you will agree (If you don't just remember that whip and you might change your mind) The final plug Kiwi has demanded of us, is for her website so why not? Have a Clicky!




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