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“If it isn’t broke why bother to fix it?” What a stupid saying! Technologies grow and improve over time, but ironically it takes longer for mainstream culture to catch up. Pah Lazy humans.


Microsoft have the colossal advantage over every other computer operating system, it simply outranks all others by its sheer number of owners. They of course have their own Internet browser (IE), and hey we can’t completely knock it. It does the job. Problem is Microsoft are lazy, they dominate the entire market, why bother to spend time improving something which people are perfectly happy to carry on using, when there is money to be made in outrageously priced software products (£98.87 for Microsoft Office!!! Pfffff).Opera Icon



So smaller companies put in effort to make something that people will use and fall in love with (like us) and then hopefully recommend it to their friends (Two for Two) Both Firefox and Opera make awesome free web browser alternatives to IE.



"Stereotypical User;


Internet Explorer - Brain dead newbie. Loves pop-ups, viruses, and spyware. Just wants to "surf the Internet and check my email." Oblivious to alternative lifestyles. Seeks help from "computer smart" nephew.


Firefox - Proselytizing ubergeek. Loves freedom, choice, and tabbed browsing. Just wants to "improve mankind with Open Source Software." Oblivious to market forces and the power of money. Seeks other geeks to join in on the evangelism. "


(BBspot website, where the above was quoted from)


Firefox icon

Ha! they forgot to add… um OK looks like they got us right (did they get you IE users?) Meh we tried. If you want to have a little explore of the world wide web with a different set of eyes feel free to click the links below to see the mentioned browsers homepages.









Why are we going on about how you view and use the web so much? Oh yeah so you can download John Paul stories and have them forever!!

































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