MONEY, money, money. Begging and then bowing to your kindness!


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YOU can help the site. If you like us and want us to be around in the future please consider the below.



Web hosting is free. Google ads are invisible. Pop ups are sleeping, and bandwidth had a name change to “Freewidth”.


Lies, LIES, and more LIES!


* Google ads are non existent because they aren’t part of the site, we don't want them and we don't think you do either.
* Pop ups are the spawn of spyware and furious clicking, as ads become more elusive in hiding their “close” button, popping up all the bloody time it’s enough to make even the most committed Buddhist flip his lid. Until Hell freezes over we wont have the damn things at JPMQ. 
* Bandwidth, is only “free” in bizzareo land. Which we have no idea how to find.



All pretty obvious and sorry for labouring the points but the site costs money! We are not in any way funded by google ads or any of the other kinds you find on other websites. Which means the JMPQ creators/writers (and hopefully visitors/fans) help pay for the site.


Point made. Time for the shameless begging!









1. Paypal



Like most other sites you could donate pure funds into out paypal account.


But if truth be told that kind of “donating” is so dull and boring, plus paypal steal an “admin” fee for the trouble. "The Swines"! (We love Russell Brand too by the way)

Honestly if the other ideas below don’t appeal to you but you really do want to help the site financially, you can donate via Paypal by following the link below;





If you would rather go about helping us (money wise) another way, why not try our  “Free” money making options which are talked about below.



2. Amazon buying



So simple, you click the Amazon banner below, or search for an item in the Amazon section in the left column on almost every page, which takes you to Amazon and buy whatever you were planning on buying anyway, because Amazon will see that JPMQ has referred you to them from this site they will kindly give us a small percentage of whatever you have brought. This does NOT increase what you pay in anyway! You get your CD or whatever and when it arrives you get, along with some tunes, a warm glowy feeling that you have helped maintained this site. (And it didn’t cost you anything extra!)





Examples; If you hit that banner above and brought *ITEM* you would make *AMOUNT* for this site.



1.Xmen Trilogy Box Set




At the moment the X Men Trilogy sells for about £16, which would make us around 80p.








2. DVD player






If you fancy a DVD player to watch it on, you can get this one for around £30 on Amazon which would send us about £1.50 to help with the site costs.






(I'm sure you get the idea! It adds up, and we will always be honest with you, and list how much we have received, and exactly what we are doing with it here )





3. Rpoints/TopCashBack



Join TopCashback. Exactly like clicking the Amazon link you click the TopCashback banner below. You go to the site. Sign up and start earning points/money. Once you’ve earned yourself £5 you will get an additional £5! But best of all TopCashback will give JPMQ a referrer bonus of £5 as well!



TopCashback is a cashback site which essentially works in the exact same way as the Amazon cashback in point 2. A mass (we are talking hundreds and hundreds) of different well known companies you will find on TopCashback , all selling stuff, you will more than likely want to buy anyway. Things from car/house insurance, cashback on Ebay buys etc.


Online Cashback


Martin Lewis (money saving expert) gives you more details about how it works. Just remember to come back here and use OUR link if you want to sign up!






You MUST go to both Amazon and TopCashback via the links we have provided, if you get there through Google/Yahoo/MSN then Google/Yahoo/MSN gets the referral bonus NOT us! 



Finally anyone who "donates" by any of the methods above is free to contact us and request a small section in the About Us page where you can plug yourself/own site. Because we are nice like that.









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