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  • The JPMQ blog can be found here along with our updates and any news.
  • An important page for regulars.




  • The “John Paul Database” Everything and we mean everything that is related (if only partly) to JP.
  • An important page for extreme obsessive fans who want to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING to do with JP




  • Features, in date order, a list of all JP’s storylines, when, where, what time and the like.
  • With, where possible, links to Youtube and other hosting sites where you can view the story plots/scenes episodes. An important page for timeline fans.




  • Contains a wealth of JP related media links.
  • An important page for keen JP fans.



    James Sutton

  • A informative page about James Sutton as an actor.
  • A brief essay about why he is so damn awesome and commands total respect from us.
  • Also provides links to everything James Sutton related on this site.
  • An important page for JS diehards



    Book(s) 1-3

  • This is the comedy heart of JPMQ, contains a wealth of text info about John-Paul McQueen.
  • All his storylines are told in story book form, complete with chapter headings for easy reference.
  • An important page for pretty much anyone who has come to this site.



    About Us

  • This page contains all the credits and "thank you's" type information.
  • You can find out a little about the people who help make what this site is.
  • An important page for nosy parkers.




  • Questions and Answers.
  • Questions from people in emails or in some way that we’ve answered in order to stop people asking the same questions over and over.
  • An important page for those who want to know everything




  • Several related John-Paul related message boards
  • D and F
  • DS
  • Channel 4 community
  • An important page for message board fanatics




  • Ways in which you can help fund the site
  • An important page for the generous peeps.




  • Lots of hyperlinks to external sites
  • Affiliates
  • Help for your gay problems
  • Soapbox shout outs
  • An important page for information seekers



    Gossip and Spoilers

  • A load of Madam Bowlock's gossip, (read everything with a pinch of salt).
  • The page also gathers together the most recent spoilers and things to come....




  • A list of JPMQ contents and the option to search the site through google. Kinda like a site map Sherlock.



    Semi hidden pages. I.e. No nav bar link.





  • A page which contains a load of John Paul/James Sutton, amongst others, pictures, magazine scans etc.
  • An important page for swooners and droolers



    Kiwi JP

  • This is a twisted spin on the style of write up's add to the mix some more crazy writing and you have another winning page guarantees to give you the giggles
  • An important page for fun lovers.



    James Sutton Media

  • Contains all the James Sutton media related content links we can get our grubby hands on.
  • Interviews TV appearances etc
  • An important page for James Sutton fans



    James Sutton Media Portal

  • Like above except a link hub for all the interviews and write up's about JS/JP



    Help the site/Jobs etc

  • The Page where we beg for your help, please be kind



    Top Five

  • The Five greatest John Paul McQueen Youtube Video's made by you and picked by you (and us)
  • Then the rest of the fan videos
  • An Important Page for anyone who loves Youtube stuff



    JPDb Quotes

  • Like the JPDb, but for his Quotes
  • An important page for reminiscing addicts




  • Here we are serious and explain how your privacy is protected
  • An important page for anyone concerned about privacy and data protection




  • You can downloads some of your fave youtube videos to your hard drive
  • An important page for media junkies




  • Up-to-date statistical information about the site, how many visitors today, how many page loads, who’s online now etc.
  • An important part of the site for status followers.



  • Hit the big calendar type icon in the left hand side bar which will take you to our Yahoo Calendar.



    Contact Us
  • See the big email icon? Hit that to tell us something good. And HIT IT OFTEN! We love and need feedback.
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